Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Public’s denial driving frustrations of the deaf

Niki Kelly’s article “Deep division on deafness” (Feb. 27) brings up a question regarding House Bill 1367: At what point, exactly, does “distrust” run deep on “both sides?”

While more than 90 percent of deaf children are born to hearing parents, deafness itself is not widespread, which is why many hearing people have never even met a deaf person before.

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  1. how can hearing make any judgments about deafness if there not deaf have no life exsperience from birth to present i do not trust
    hearing withmy deafness u cant i have problems
    with my hearing family and u cant trust them with
    ur deafness they dont even sign its not worth there while id have to pay lots of money just to
    get there attention to get them to sign it came
    out in a argument about the issue im only one
    person u cant trust hearing with ur communitty
    they are prejudice against deaf in my life
    exsperiences hearing go out of there way to force there exspectation demands and wants
    beliefs that i have to be hearing im not comfortable with that i dont want to be hearing
    and no hearing person can understand that
    no matter what i say they have there mind made up hearing are sick in the head they are obsesive compulsive possesive about deafness
    in there demands for it with the ignorent war
    on deafness declaired by ronald reagan and if ignorence is bliss meaning beatifull then that
    is terrorism of deaf culture because it is not beatifull and it is not freedom it is not indepnece
    it is not liberty it is not freedom of choice when
    ignorence can make decisons for deaf and force
    there beliefs values philosophys emotions religions on deaf culture to demand our way
    of life live through there ear nose throught
    is vein to them it more money to be made by exsplotation coerse deaf with excitment money sex fame drugs to be hearing enertain there values for deaf culture which is jack shit you
    values and make hearing lots of money with song and dance acting etc the more golden gooses they have the more contracts the more
    contracts they have by pulling the wool over ur eyes blinding u with fame money whatever
    is all that matters in nbrs the more goose with the golden eggs the more the gander the more the profit the more money for hearing and in the
    reality of contracts in there world the money is
    not as great as it looks hearing dont make so
    much with song and dance compared to all the
    people who are making money on ur money u
    get like 20 cents per song they get more why u
    think ice t does so many things cause he rules
    contracts he makes more money and u are a
    fool and get alot less money and sold ur soul
    ur deafness ur culture ur identity as a human
    being because these hearing people try to create more golden eggs opportunity they say
    there being beatifull that they care there full of it
    they are not thinking of u there using u to achieve ignorence war on deafness they believe
    that is beatifull that is what bliss means they are playing u for a fool a sucker and u believed that
    as steve erkil would say shows u cant believe
    in hearing and trust them with what u hold sacred the hand is sacred they have no
    understanding of deaf they think use disney to get what they want im sick of it they
    think they have to govern our lives i dont
    want a life of song and dance i do know
    i want to go to school i do know hearing tend
    to violate trust time after time after time when
    it comes to deaf issues deaf privacey i look at switched at birth the guy on there in my
    opion cant be deaf and hearing person
    i see he isnow on soap opera and doing
    movies so i gues he never really was deaf
    just a hearing boy playing deaf crying about
    his motorcycle his parents etc but he never deaf if he was he is hearing now not deaf
    anymore chose the way of the ignorent