Saturday, September 29, 2007

Achieving Equal Access Through Community Education

Achieving Equal Access Through Community Education

Don't forget to check out Achieving Equal Access Through Technology

as the curse of the Deaf Scourge has caused to be blind to this one.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The 2008 Sign Language Calendars Have Arrived!

Yes! They have arrived! We're the first deaf agency to receive them this year and we have plenty plenty of them!

The theme for 2008 is Community Helpers. Signs of community helpers like interpreters, soldiers, doctors, and teachers and their related signs are on the calendars! The calendars are a social worker's goldmine!

Its the perfect gift for social workers!

Get a 2008 Sign Language Calendar from us

Celebrate the International Day of Sign Language with us by getting the 2008 Calendars and fingerspelling placemats from us this coming weekend!

Richard Roehm

Thursday, September 20, 2007

FREE Support Service Providers (SSP) Class

Deaf-blind need Support Service Providers (SSP) to be able to navigate through stores, supermarkets, malls, events as these people will use tactile sign language to tell deaf-blind what's going on around him/her and what items are around as well.

We received a grant that will allow us to have a free SSP class at the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center. Training SSP to assist our southland deaf-blind community members is one of our priorities. Beth Koenig will be the instructor. This will be held in our classroom. We will have refreshments.

Date : Saturday , October 13, 2007 1pm - 6pm

Maximum number of people : 15

RSVP : Yes at 949-955-0054(V/FAX) 949-955-0050 (TDD)

Location :
Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center
2960 Main Street, #102
Irvine, California 92614


Parking at the Burger King restaurant parking lot over the bridge is ok.

Please pass this information around.

Richard Roehm

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Debunking One Of Ridorlive's Favorite Rumors

Yesterday at the Los Angeles Deafestival 2007, I was approached by several people from our great blogworld. They asked me about our office. It seems our great rumorblogger Ridorlive website had been feeding them some interesting stuff about our office. So after a day at the office on Monday the 17th, I decided to make a small video of our agency for our great deaf blogworld.

After seeing the video, you be the judge whether your valuable brain cells have been wasted carrying garbage from this great rumorblogger.


Friday, September 14, 2007

The Deaf Community Goes To Boot Camp!

This is Sgt. Nesmuth your boot camp Drill Instructor! Welcome to boot camp to the future of deaf society! Take your ego hats off now! If you follow the facts and listen, you won't be getting hollered at! Keep your mouth shut and listen to the FIVE THINGS I HAVE TO SAY!


Cochlear Devices & the Deaf Community: Hearing Within

The changing deaf culture


Oral Deaf Education: Teaching deaf children to speak

Today, even children with profound hearing loss can learn to listen and talk through oral deaf education.


Is Deaf University President Not 'Deaf Enough'?

Crab Theory Rears Its Ugly Head Again


Cochlear implants take children out of the silent world

Deaf Children’s Rights


Genetic 'cure' found for deaf mice

An end to deafness? New professor's research looks to ear drops, stem cells



Have a nice trip through boot camp.

Richard Roehm

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beneath the Planet of the Deaf

Only because of American Sign Language, the deaf community is becoming well known for chewing down their leaders. People need to realize that deaf people can be taught to communicate in other ways. People need to realize that ASL is not everything to deaf people these days.


Let's celebrate International Day of the Deaf by recognizing the deaf community's desire to be liberated from the ugly knives of ASL.

It's becoming known that ASL has been used as a weapon, measuring device, and as harassment tools on deaf people especially their leaders in the past decade.

Unless the deaf militants, ASL extremists, and the old deaf guards, start growing up for a change, their sacred language is getting on the fast track toward extinction.

Richard Roehm

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Time To Cool Down!

Blah blah this..... blah blah that..... Time to cool down. Enjoy a snow cone!


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Comment On California Association of the Deaf Conference

I want to make a short comment about my recent experience with the recent California Association of the Deaf (CAD) conference. Very very friendly atmosphere. People approached me and shook hands with me. That's good and I find that surprising given the past history of my experience with the CAD organization. I found a lot of booths there. Deafhood presentations were flocked and hot and had 3 sometimes 4 cams recording the deafhood presentations and the presenters Ella and Genie. It was fun, enjoyable yet I found it very annoying that no one offered to pull the knives off my back. Anyways, the overall CAD experience was very positive and congratulations Richard Ray for his election to 2nd term as CAD President.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Choking on a $1.83 Credit Card Bill

Yes its 183 pennies.

Today I have to make a money order for $1.83 today for a credit card bill.

I usually pay my credit card bills in money order denominations of $20, $40, $60 and last month I slightly underpaid one of the cards by one dollar and eighty three cents. I usually over pay the credit card bills so to pay them off as quickly as possible.

I called the credit card company. They said I owe them $1.83 and I can skip the payment if I choose to. They also reminded me that according to the terms of service they will tack on a $29.00 late fee and jack up my interest rate from 11% to 24%. I ask them if they can waive it because the amount owed is so small. They were like 'sorry' that when I signed for the credit card, I agreed to their terms of service.

That's how bad they are and yeah I'm choking on a $1.83 credit card bill.

I'm sure many of you have oddities with credit card companies.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Message To Deaf Workers, Our Heroes!

Happy Labor Day Deaf Workers!

You all set a very fine example for other Deaf people to follow. You are role models in the Deaf community.

It don't matter what you do,

America needs more Deaf workers. America can acquire more Deaf workers by being more vigilant in their enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which was signed in 1990. Once the Deaf community sees that ADA is being vigorously enforced, they will feel more secure and confident and become workers.

The past 15 years, the entire disability community has seen their employers find ways to get around ADA. We're also seeing federal judges become increasingly restrictive in dealing with ADA lawsuits. We're even seeing one of our supposedly trusty guardians, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), behave amnesic when we try to explain our cases to them. The same thing goes on for employers who hire vicious lawyers to defend themselves against ADA lawsuits by twisting the facts around and manipulating the law itself beyond recognizance. Finally there is no safety net for disability plaintiffs who lose their ADA cases. When they lose, they lose a lot more than just their cases. They're losing cars, homes, credit rating...EVERYTHING... for just trying to enforce ADA. Scary, isn't it?

Basically, the long road to fairness at the workplace remains unpaved and peppered with hazards. Each victory on our behalf amounts to a tiny slice of this road being paved. Then there's the possibility of our victories being nullified or overturned in future cases. We will step back a little however getting this strip back will be easier in the future because it has been paved.

Deaf workers all share a common victory which is being role models for the Deaf community. They are also our pioneers. We must support our Deaf workers and Deaf pioneers REGARDLESS of their economic status. They all reinforce the statement "Deaf People Can Do Anything Except Hear" made by I. King Jordan, Former President of Gallaudet University. Deaf workers and pioneers all set examples for us to follow.

To the Deaf workers of America, this is your day and THANK YOU!

Richard Roehm

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Deaf Lottery Association Scam

This morning, I had the opportunity to become a victim of the Deaf Lottery Association scam. This person really didn't do his homework with my screen name before engaging in a conversation like what we had. This happened in the AIM system.

(09:10:00 AM)
(09:10:29 AM) Nesmuth827: hi who am i speaking with?
(09:10:30 AM) deafagent06 is now known as Deafagent06.

(09:10:56 AM) Nesmuth827: a clone bot?
(09:11:09 AM) Deafagent06: No
(09:11:19 AM) Deafagent06: This is Walter Morgan
(09:11:24 AM) Nesmuth827: then good am
(09:11:30 AM) Nesmuth827: walter
(09:11:34 AM) Deafagent06: From the Deaf Lottery Association
(09:11:49 AM) Nesmuth827: oh tell me about it
(09:11:52 AM) Deafagent06: We are pleased to let you know that you have won $150,000
(09:12:27 AM) Nesmuth827: oh really i can use 150 grand
(09:12:40 AM) Deafagent06: yes Really
(09:12:49 AM) Deafagent06: You are a Winner!
(09:13:02 AM) Nesmuth827: oh yeah im jumping excited
(09:13:24 AM) Deafagent06: Congratulations!
(09:13:29 AM) Nesmuth827: thank you
(09:13:31 AM) Deafagent06: We are so happy for you
(09:13:41 AM) Deafagent06: No thanks necessary
(09:13:47 AM) Deafagent06:
(09:13:48 AM) Nesmuth827: im happy about it my hands are shaking
(09:13:57 AM) Deafagent06: Oh Relax
(09:14:28 AM) Deafagent06: Am sure you will be surprised
(09:14:44 AM) Deafagent06: and happy when you recieve your winning prize money
(09:15:23 AM) Deafagent06: ...Smile..
(09:15:33 AM) Nesmuth827: how do i get it?
(09:15:47 AM) Deafagent06: You need to Claim it first
(09:15:56 AM) Nesmuth827: how
(09:16:26 AM) Deafagent06: All you need to do is pay us processing fees
(09:16:34 AM) Nesmuth827: oh really?
(09:16:35 AM) Deafagent06: and we will instruct the bank to process your transaction
(09:16:46 AM) Deafagent06: yes really and they will have the funds transfered
(09:16:49 AM) Deafagent06: into your account for you
(09:16:56 AM) Deafagent06: providing you a confirmation letter
(09:16:56 AM) Nesmuth827: where do i send the proccessing fees to?
(09:17:00 AM) Deafagent06: upon the transfer made
(09:17:15 AM) Deafagent06: you will wire the processing fees to the Bank Manager.
(09:17:29 AM) Deafagent06: Through western Union or Money gram which ever is closer to you
(09:17:35 AM) Nesmuth827: ok
(09:17:42 AM) Deafagent06: if you can do this today you will get your funds in your account by tomorrow
(09:18:11 AM) Nesmuth827: is there a specific account to send the money to?
(09:18:34 AM) Deafagent06: No and what kind of account do you run?
(09:19:08 AM) Nesmuth827: paypal?
(09:21:01 AM) Deafagent06: Ok we will instruct them to make payment into your paypal account for you but they will make the payment after you must have wired the processing fees to them
(09:21:13 AM) Nesmuth827: who is them?
(09:21:44 AM) Deafagent06: Our Paying bank
(09:23:12 AM) Nesmuth827: then what's 'our paying bank" then?
(09:23:24 AM) Deafagent06: Accessbank
(09:23:31 AM) Deafagent06: they will pay you
(09:23:36 AM) Nesmuth827: is there an url for that?
(09:23:46 AM) Nesmuth827: how do i send them the processing fees?
(09:23:58 AM) Deafagent06: as soon as you have wired the processing fees to them
(09:24:15 AM) Deafagent06: you will wire it to them through Western Union
(09:25:52 AM) Nesmuth827: is there a name or a number to the bank manager?
(09:26:12 AM) Nesmuth827: how much processing fees?
(09:26:24 AM) Deafagent06: Yes you can reach him on his personal email address
(09:26:33 AM) Deafagent06: [email protected]
(09:26:42 AM) Nesmuth827: oh really?
(09:26:50 AM) Deafagent06: he will let you have his humber
(09:26:53 AM) Deafagent06: yes Really
(09:27:00 AM) Nesmuth827: i have a few questions
(09:27:03 AM) Deafagent06: ok
(09:27:06 AM) Deafagent06: shoot
(09:27:10 AM) Nesmuth827: how did you find my screen name?
(09:27:41 AM) Deafagent06: The online cyber lottery draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 3 e-mail addresses of individual and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet. No tickets were sold.

(09:27:49 AM) Nesmuth827: and do you know who youre really chatting with?
(09:28:14 AM) Deafagent06: I will like to know you
(09:28:23 AM) Nesmuth827: yes you will lol
(09:28:36 AM) Deafagent06: So tell me who are you?
(09:29:31 AM) Nesmuth827: Richard Roehm the guy that is well known in the deaf community that fights frauds and scams like yours
(09:29:57 AM) Deafagent06: oh This is not a Scam
(09:30:02 AM) Deafagent06: Or Fraud
(09:30:10 AM) Nesmuth827: you really expect me to believe that?
(09:30:22 AM) Deafagent06: I am very Serious
(09:30:34 AM) Deafagent06: Believe me its not
(09:31:54 AM) Deafagent06: but if you find it hard to believe
(09:32:00 AM) Deafagent06: its your call then
(09:32:07 AM) Deafagent06: We are only doing our Job
(09:32:21 AM) Nesmuth827: i been helping hundreds of deafs to avoid scams like these
(09:32:45 AM) Deafagent06: ok
(09:32:48 AM) Nesmuth827: and im going to be using this conversation to educate a lot of deaf people

(09:33:12 AM) Deafagent06: ok i gotta go then
(09:33:14 AM) Deafagent06: bye for now

Using the conversation above, I want to point out the 3 strikes that told me that this is a scam.

Strike 1) (09:16:26 AM) Deafagent06: All you need to do is pay us processing fees

Paying processing fees is exactly how they rip you off.

Strike 2)
(09:17:29 AM) Deafagent06: Through western Union or Money gram which ever is closer to you

Scammers favorite fund lines are either through Western Union or Moneygram where one can send money right into the unknown.

Strike 3)
(09:26:33 AM) Deafagent06: [email protected]

This one is an easy one

Scammers oftentimes use yahoo or hotmail or other free email services because they're easily expendable and they are usually unverified.

Once made out, you can watch him run away from the conversation.

Basically if you get an AIM message from a "Deafagent" or another name asking you to send processing fees to them via either Western Union or Moneygram and gives you an email address from yahoo or hotmail or any other free email systems, you'll know this is a scam.

Richard Roehm