Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Deaf, and I can’t afford to read a newspaper…

Sandra Karaki likes to stay informed. She loves news and she can do anything to know what is happening in and around the country.

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Deaf don’t sign: Official

Or at least nowhere near ANY of the claims deaf groups and charities have insisted on the last 10-15 years, but we always knew the claims couldn’t be substantiated i.e. until now.

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Jordan’s first IEP meeting…

We had Jordan’s bi-annual IEP meeting yesterday and for the first time since he started school at age 3, he participated. After asking the CI Circle parents their experiences regarding allowing their children to participate in the meetings...

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Deaf Licensed Clinical Social Worker Encouraged to Apply

Position: Licensed Clinical Social Worker – Indianapolis, IN This full-time/benefits eligible position will provide outpatient individual, family and group therapy services to children, families and adults at our Deaf Services Office located in Indianapolis, IN.

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Deaf News: SignHealth “concerned that many Deaf people have not hadtheir main language recorded properly in census”

SignHealth, the healthcare charity for Deaf people, has said today that many Deaf people are shocked at the national census results released yesterday showing a smaller than expected Deaf population.

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Parents of deaf child: To sue over lack of Welsh access

The parents of a profoundly deaf girl are threatening a council with legal action for failing to recruit a Welsh-medium sign language tutor.

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Callum Fox: Crunch meeting with my audiologist. Will I get a new CI?

It’s that time of the year again. I’ll be making my way to Stanley Primary Care Centre in County Durham for my annual appointment with an audiologist. It’s something I go through every year, ever since I was implanted.

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Mental Illness for audism?

When tweeting, I mentioned this: Is it a mental illness when those hearing people have "fix it" mentality towards Deaf people?

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Austin interpreters LotuSign take on sign language duties at Obamainauguration

SIGN OF HISTORY Austin interpreters LotuSign take on sign language duties at Obama inauguration BY CHAD SWIATECKI Barbie Parker and her staff have been part of performances by worldwide stars like Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Kanye West and Stevie Wonder.

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Afternoon Summary

Kentucky School for the Deaf plans annual fundraiser Central Kentucky NewsKentucky School for the Deaf plans annual fundraiser. 11:05 a.m. EST, January 30, 2013. Kentucky School for the Deaf will host its Pancake and Sausage Day from 6:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

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By Deaf, With Deaf, For Deaf

Alternative Solutions Center - By Deaf, With Deaf, For Deaf3 minutes ago Credit: Jenn, a Deaf writer [link] Deaf Fiction: a contribution (Miss Tea)I've just published a short story, called " Miss Tea." about a deaf English teacher in a deaf school.

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Deaf Hope Anti-Bullying Pact

I applaud that they, the deaf-hope organization, made a pact to end cyberbullying, but I would not participate in such a pact hosted by such an exclusive group of people thats well known for misreading, misunderstanding, and even misinterpreting innocuous statements as cyberbullying. I bear witness to such multiple incidents of misinterpretations and blame it all on the American system of non-English based education of deaf people.

Richard Roehm

The following videos is that of Jerome Cain who has been an interesting feller in the deaf blogosphere. He is well known to bare more than just his own thoughts on any issue. He is very deserving of your attention.

Ridor9th (Ricky Taylor) Goes On Bullying Spreeail

He hasn't learned his lesson yet.

The following people need to flag this video

James Carr (on or before 8:00)
Tom Willard (10:15)
Joseph Johnson (12:40)

Maybe the three of you can put an and to the senseless bullying by his following thats usually triggered after the video above.

Some of you might be interested in looking at Ridor9th's Jail Booking card of 2010.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snowing again with Angels

It's snowing again! Time for snow angels.

Look closely at the reflection in the window behind Bodie's head. Sister is always watching. :) Maybe Bodie's guardian angel.

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Breaking News : Gallaudet Drug Bust

Police have arrested and charged a Gallaudet University student with intending to distribute drugs after authorities said they found two pounds of marijuana some baked into fudge and cookies in her dorm room on the Northeast Washington campus.

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NAD lacks technology coverage for deaf people

Interesting conversation I had with my wife and it made me think. So, I went over to NAD's website and looked over their technology page section "Making communication and information accessible."

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Deafness in Sports

Blog topic written by Chris Fischer, staff writer at As I have researched deaf athletes and deafness in athletics, I’ve noticed a general trend: deaf athletes tend to participate in individual sports rather than team sports.

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More Work for deaf Journalists ?

Hope for Limping chicken yet…..Technology means that there are more employment options for deaf journalists in the 21st century than there were in the past.

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Slice of Life: Dress Up Delight

I was sitting there, beached on the chair that is becoming a permanent part of my butt these days. Nursing Mac who may as well be an extension of my chest when Moxie suddenly appeared in front of me.

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Ten on Tuesday

Haven’t done one of these in a while…. 1. Today it is 55 degrees in January and tomorrow it will be over 60 degrees. I love it especially since last week was the coldest week ever!

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Mobile app connects GPs with specialist services

A foundation trust has developed an iPhone app to connect GPs to clinics, consultants and specialist services.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Dawn Schriver Rood's Video Enabler Ricky Taylor Suspended From Facebook For 30 Days

UPDATE : Someone sacked Ridor's video and he replaced it with an edited version.

Now Facebook can enjoy a good 30 day break from the organized trolling lead by Ricky Taylor. Note especially the organized trolling thats discussed in the tread of the announcement. Lots of karma has been lining up to him as of late.

Many thanks to Carl for the images and the head's up!

Suuuuure he's trying to be the angel here.............

WOW the fight goes on! The old youtube video was taken down by youtube and replaced with the one below







Even Snowmen Can Be Super Heroes!

One of Liam's favorite things to do at school is artwork. He comes home with piles and piles of masterpieces. I wish I could keep them all, but they don't make storage units big enough for that.

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Happy Birthday Lily Grace

*My photo-uploader is broken...I have so many more pics I want to post of this sweet girl, but can't!*

My baby is 4 years old today.

What a blessing she is to our family. I always believed that she came at just the right moment, even though at the time I thought we'd be in over our head. I found out we were pregnant with her on the day of Christian's first Cochlear Implant activation.

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Winds of Change Bring a Morning Glow

Recently a pal of mine put up the following post on her Facebook wall: Woke up with an overwhelming need to sob – is everyone I love okay? Please check with me or by text. Wow, not kidding, never felt like this before.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Ambling Rambler: The Sex Lives of Butterflies

Following on from my last blogpost about learning how the Bees get their pollen from the Lupin Flowers, I came across this scene of two butterflies trying to mate. Not that I'm a pervert or anything.

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Still Working On

Hi, letting you know that I am still working on my site, Video Theme I don’t like the theme that is currently using. Problem is… The best video-supported theme aren’t free.

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Editor's Note : Keep it up! Ya doing great already :)

Interpreters Under Pressure to help deaf

Seems simply turning up is not enough. A recent enquiry to the ASLI in the UK to start issuing online information as to where access for deaf people to health areas are.

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“A Child with Down syndrome Keeps His Place at the Table” – Brilliant Op-Ed by George Estreich

This is a quick post, and not a moment too soon, seeing as it’s Saturday. This should reach you in time for a leisurely morning read over a lovely hot (caffeinated) beverage......

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Coco Key

I took the boys to Coco Key for an overnight stay Sunday into Monday. We were off from school so we needed something fun to do. We were able to use the water park on Sunday sleep over and use the park again the next day.

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Advanced Bionics New BTE Processor – Coming Summer 2013

Advanced Bionics leaks a bit more about programs for the new BTE processor.

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Redneck sleigh ride

Okay, today it is just messy out. Bad ice storm here in NC. Got more than predicted. Those who do not live in this state you must understand, NC is not geared toward winter weather. Nor, can they predict it it seems.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

cochlear implant activation Lazar Vekic from Serbia

Implant works, Khadija can now give her ears

The city has received the best ever Republic Day gift from across the border on the north-western side, when a father from Karachi mailed a poignant letter expressing his unconditional gratitude for the cochlear implants that his daughter got from here.

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Cochlear Celebration Nammu Hat Discount

If you are planning to attend Cochlear Celebration in February, make sure to pack a Nammu Swim Hat!  Nammu is offering a 20% discount with the code CochlearCelebration. Order soon to make sure it arrives from Canada before you leave!

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Snow Tubing Trip– lunch break

After our first session at 10 was over, it was time to break for lunch.  I had intended to go back down the mountain but after the trip up the mountain, rv was going to stay put and we’d just eat in there.

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Reporter X

And we’re back . . . after TEN weeks of respiratory illness and sleep deprivation, missed school, day care and therapy, and four days in the hospital. Since it’s nearly impossible to adequately describe that kind of insanity, let’s just pick up where we left off.

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Jessica Chastain: Sign Language After 'Heiress' Performance

The Golden Globe winning actress was spotted signing autographs for fans waiting outside and also engaging in a conversation with a deaf fan using sign language.

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Would A Deaf Lifeguard Be ‘Qualified’ Under The ADA ?

What would you do if you were hiring a lifeguard for a community wave pool and the applicant was Deaf, but he was also certified as a lifeguard? A new court ruling this month shows how mistakes made in assessing the applicant's medical condition can leave an employer drowning in litigation ...

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Seminar for the Deaf in Somalia

I have been behind on updating my blog. I have been caught up with a heavy academic and leadership demands. I recently went to Somalia where I am originally   from. While I was there, I held leadership seminar for the Deaf.

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A $1.5 million dollar gift will help with educating students who are deaf

I was born and have grown up as a deaf individual and I believe I know what is best for deaf children," said Catron. A $1.5 million dollar gift will help with educating students who are deaf and hard of hearing...

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Children punished for being Deaf

`THESE KIDS ARE BEING PUNISHED FOR BEING DEAF AND IT’S ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING’ Away from all the `reviews’, `re-models’ and `restructures’ going on in Salford Council’s Service for Sensory Impaired Children...

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Liam’s Left Ear

Liam on his October field trip to the pumpkin patch with his class I think I blogged about Liam’s right ear when we implanted it last year.

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Face me, speak clearly…..

A DEAF charity (AOHL ?), is calling on GPs in the town to speak more clearly when dealing with patients with hearing loss after research found 28 per cent of respondents had been unclear about their diagnosis during an appointment.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

OCDAC Needs $70,000.00 By May 1, 2013 To Buy Additional Condo To House Homeless Deaf & Disabled People

Right new we have two homes in our full control thats meeting its maximum occupation. And we have on our waiting list is a deaf homeless couple from Los Angeles with disabilities, another deaf homeless couple in Santa Ana with disabilities, a deaf blind person in San Diego, and a deaf person that many of you know is associated with one of the deaf expo organizers both at risk of becoming homeless.

Yes the deaf guy is well known to deaf people as one of the organizers to deaf tradeshow events similar to deaf expo, unfortunately he got himself into a messy situation thats puts him at high risk of becoming homeless. When he moves in with us, we will work together toward setting up our own deaf tradeshow events in 5 to 10 cities across the USA.

The 5 deaf people mentioned on our waiting are victims of unfortunate situations and have never committed any crimes and are very deserving of our help.

And have history of always charging the tenants as little as $115 a month to help them get back on their feet and scores have been helped by the chairman himself since 1994.

This is located in downtown Santa Ana, California and this is an ideal location due to its close proximity to several food banks, soup kitchens, bus and train depots, supermarkets, fast food outlets, and the low cost UCI health care clinic. They will have access to a lot of community resources available to help them get back on their feet.

In our building is a listing thats selling for $120,000.00 and the legal definition of our complex makes it difficult for lenders to make loans on that particular condo unless the down payment is at least or over 50% of the selling price. We have no problems finding the financing and already have the right realtor on standby to help us but we just need $70,000.00 to acquire it. It'd be great to have it by May 1, 2013.

The unit is actually being prepped up for sale with new paint, carpeting, plumbing, and etc. It is going to be listed starting around April 2013. So we start the capital campaign for it NOW!

The condo will help us get up to 10 deaf and disabled homeless or at risk off the streets.

Deaf and disabled people who are homeless or at risk can apply for housing counseling and emergency housing assistance at our online intake form

The condo looks very much like this one in the video below. This is the same shape structure as the unit thats for sale. In fact this unit is below the unit thats for sale.


Yes the very unit that is for sale made it to youtube when two teen lovebirds were caught breaking into it to have sex some years ago as seen in the video below.

If you want to give us a hand, this is your opportunity to do so and use the paypal link below to help us out. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and donations to us are tax deductible up to the maximum allowed by law.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Deaf Community Video Comments Regarding Dawn Schriver Rood

The videos are here. The common knowledge is here.

This will be updated as more videos are found.

Richard Roehm

Who believe in Dawn Schriver, are FOOLS!!!

Take It Down!

Does Dawn act like "Boy who cried for wolf"?

Dawn & Ron situation..

For Dawn

Yo Dawn!!

Domestic Violence alway honest?


For Dawn Shivers

Don't be gullible! Dawn, true?

not support DV all women!!!!

Excuse me!!! She made a big mistake!!

Deaf Woman Who Tricked People To Give Her Over $8,000 Was Factually Abusive Party, Court Records Show

Yes you read it right. Dawn Schriver Rood the one that tricked over 220 people to donate her over $8,000 through an emergency fundrasing plea hosted by the Fundrazr website was found to be the abusive party according to court documents. Click on the images to see bigger picture.


Shame on Ricky Taylor aka Ridor9th for being the conspirator to deceive hundreds of people, most of them deaf, by hosting Dawn Schriver Rood's misinforming and misleading vlog.


The video below shows you how to get the information.




Now you be the judge of both Dawn and her conspirator Ricky!

Richard Roehm

Sunday, January 20, 2013

HR 2592 - Charitable Contribution Parity and Enhancement Act -Should Be Reintroduced

The purpose of HR 2592 is to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to increase the limitation on the amount of charitable contributions of ordinary income property taken into account in determining the charitable contribution deduction for any trade or business.

This way charities will get inventory contributions directly from businesses instead of a secondary organization. This will help non profits save on the "handling" fees for obtaining donated products or property.

Our interest in this bill is being able to obtain at lower cost;

1) Business machinery and office supplies
2) Access equipment from manufacturers and resellers
3) Marketing and outreach materials
4) Restricted educational materials
5) Foreclosed apartment, hotels, and ranch properties
6) Vehicles such as vans, bus, and camper trailers

Please ask your congressperson to reintroduce this bill and cosponsor the bill when it's reintroduced.

Nonprofits will benefit greatly from this bill.

Richard Roehm

Permitted under the Lobbying Rules for Non-Profits and no expense from OCDAC's fund was used in this posting.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Is "Mom's Plea- $8,000 Or Jail" A Scam Or Not?

Fresh in the deaf blogosphere is a fiery situation growing.

First came this video plea on

Then came quickly a response on

This not the first time this happened. Its happened before years ago in a website called

A conspiracy in 2009 by a handful of deaf feminist lesbians has duped deaf people in the blogosphere to shelling out money to a young British deaf lady who faced deportation because her adopted parents decided to scorn her over undisclosed reasons. A woman by the name of "Cobra" lead this effort to collect money and it was found shortly afterwards that the whole thing was a scam. Happened after people donated generously and some being as much as $500 from a single donor. It not only hurt the donors, but it hurt the deaf community greatly because it caused a lot of drama with people taking sides and breaking up the deaf community as if it was a repeat of the babel tower syndrome.

This drama developing at the fundrazr website threatens to further balkanize the deaf community especially when its already very weak from the numerous assaults by the society.

And you can see my links on the fundrazr website explaining the destructive abilities of these scam campaigns have on the deaf community.

Richard Roehm

UPDATE: They removed the links because they didnt want the truth from the last time to impede this effort.

UPDATE II: I had to remove the videos as people were gang flagging it. I didn't want to lose the youtube account.

UPDATE III : The fundraiser proponent(s) has removed links to the truth repeatedly after they're posted. Thats a strong marker that the Dawn plea is highly likely a scam.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Growing Hearing Hairs May Reverse Deafness In Mice

Small hairs inside the ear that recognize sounds have been regenerated to reverse deafness for the first time, according to a new study in the journal Neuron.

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A drug that restores hearing in deaf mice

Advances in regenerative medicine are coming in fast and furious these days, and a remarkable new breakthrough can be added to the list. Scientists at Massachusetts Eye and Ear and Harvard Medical School have restored partial hearing in mice suffering from sensorineural hearing loss — a condition that happens after prolonged exposure to noise.

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Siemens' waterproof Aquaris hearing aid means rain doesn't need to stop play, we go ears on

It's no fun being deaf or hearing impaired. Especially if you are fond of the great outdoors and all the weather-related perils that come with it. Siemens knows this and developed the Aquaris hearing aid, the only one to receive an IP68 rating for continuous submersion under water (to three meters).

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Switching on my hearing - William's cochlear implant story

William with his son, adjusting to life after implant surgery Thirty-five year old William Mager has been profoundly deaf since birth. He uses sign language and lip-reading to communicate.

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In Which My Cheeks Get Rosier

I had a terrible craving for a fresh salad for lunch yesterday. It might have been The Boss’s lengthy and detailed description of the gourmet salad he crafted for himself on his lunch break yesterday.

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Please Vote!!!

Meet Tov, son of an amazing Montana mama! His family is on a mission to win a trip to San Diego next month for the Cochlear Celebration. Please take a few minutes of your time today to watch this adorable video of him and his princess sister and place your vote.

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GN ReSound: The First Made for iPhone Accessory & App

Back in June I wrote about a tantalizing bit of information on Apple’s website regarding “made for iPhone hearing aids.” Now we are seeing the first results of this idea, in the form of GN ReSound‘s accessory, the Unite Phone Clip+, and a free app in the app store designed...

Read more

Wednesday Words: Cochlear Implant

A cochlear implant is an implantable device that stimulates that auditory nerve of people with severe-profound sensorineural hearing loss.  Check out our interactive diagram of How a Cochlear Implant Works.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Shameful Cries Of Foul By Sign Language Militants Over Article Video An Embarrassment

The fact here is over 98% of the deaf people do not sign at all and its shameful to see a handful of sign language militants crying foul over a NBC article video showing deaf people talkin instead of signing.

You see, the sign language militants are still sitting high on their dream horses to be able to see whats really on the ground.

The sign language militants are in for a rude awakeneing when they see the outcomes of their whitehouse petition, CEASD, EHDI, and many more newsworthy events showing that the new deaf generations are moving forward away from the old deaf traditions.

The article in question is at

Richard Roehm

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


We are extremely disappointed to learn that Dr. Angela McCaskill, who signed an anti-gay petition to bring marriage equality up for vote in Maryland, has been reinstated in her position at Gallaudet as Chief Diversity Officer.

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Hurwitz Caves...McCaskill reinstated

Yesterday Washington Post reported that Dr. Angela McCaskill was given her job back as Chief Diversity Officer.

Her reinstatement was announced Monday in an e-mail to students, staff and faculty from university President T. Alan Hurwitz. “I personally look forward to working with Dr. McCaskill,” he said.

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Gay Marriage Flap: Gallaudet Reinstates Official

Gay Marriage Flap: Gallaudet Reinstates Official The nation's leading university for the deaf and hard of hearing has reinstated its chief diversity officer, who was suspended for three months after signing a petition circulated by opponents of gay marriage in Maryland.

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Deaf Girly's broken hearing aid?

On Saturday I woke up to discover a herd of tap dancing elephants had moved into my skull. And I hold my guilty hands up and admit this was a hangover. I punished myself by not changing a single one of my Saturday plans.

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Deaf Woman Sues eBay.

Forty-seven-year old Melissa Earll owns dozens of old mint condition comic books, hundreds of rare baseball cards, plus antique time pieces, medecine bottles and a coin collection printed minutes after President John Kennedy was assassinated. But none of it makes her a penny on eBay.

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The Holism

With my house suddenly quiet, kids off to bed, and TV off I decided to spend some time going over some of the earlier The Holism videos in YouTube that I have not seen before. Out of curiosity I did some number crunching. The Holism vlog gets on average over 6,300 views.

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Start A Frash Start

Okay, guys! I’ve remove my vlog from YouTube. I don’t want to get too dramas here on blog. I don’t want see DeafRead turn into drama site like DeafVideo.TV. So, I delete my vlog on YouTube.

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Families of Deaf/HH Children: We Need Your Help

How are profoundly deaf children supposed to pick up and learn American Sign Language and English effortlessly if their caregivers are not signing with them or are using only basic and non-fluent signing with them at home?

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Kindergarten Critics

Me and Claire-December 2012. “Look at my mom’s COCH-LE-AR IMPLANT!” chimed my daughter Claire as she reached to the right side of my head. Surrounded by her friends, she was trying to brush my hair away to reveal the sound processor behind my ear.

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Alcohol and Hearing Loss

Blog topic written by Hannah Mann, staff writer at Alcohol can be a great way to bring people together. However, it often does entail a certain degree of planning—especially if you are concerned about safety, transportation, or reputation.

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In Which We Do All The Things

Well, that was one heck of a busy day! Ellen had both her first day of school and her first day of swimming today. It’s going to be quite the schedule, though it’s not quite as strenuous as her schedule was at the orphanage.

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Sunday, January 06, 2013

'Switched at Birth''s Marini Talks Show's Impact

Actor Gilles Marini talks about working on a TV show where the characters are both hearing and deaf and the impact that has on the way people view the deaf community.



Packers and Vikings plus playoff prediction (sign language)

Packers and Vikings plus playoff prediction (sign language)

Ode to the Cheese Ball

Psi Iota Xi supports those in quest of their dreams of art, literature, music, dance and speech and hearing.

Jan 05 2013 Ready to Read, Ready to Write! How signing boosts early literacy

Many of you likely started signing with your children in the infant years. You knew it was a great way to know what your baby was thinking before she could talk, and perhaps that it would help ease those toddler tantrums that stem from frustrations over communication.

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Paint Paramedics: Deaf-owned painting business – North Texas

Paint Paramedics

Deaf-owned painting business – North Texas

Home office: Plano, Texas

Ron Bledsoe has been painting for over 22 years in the Dallas area. He started out strictly as a residential painter, but has expanded his business to include decorative faux painting and commercial.

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Q&A: Sound after cochlear implant activation

I got activated on Dec 26, 2012. First I was very excited to hear beeps, sounds being heard through the implant. After the audiologist was done programming, she started to speak to me. To my disappointment, it sounded like a ‘whisper’ and not even Mickey Mouse.

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Being Bionic

I realized the other day that there’s a lot of things about having cochlear implants that I assume everyone just knows. When I first started this blog, I think my main ‘audience’ was other people with cochlear implants or who were considering one.

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Robot for Cochlear Implant Surgery

There have been many advances in robotic surgery in the past decade. These robots are controlled by surgeons, and have better fine motor control than an unassisted surgeon looking through a microscope.

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Maintaining Processors

Elijah’s cochlear implant processors usually require very little maintenance. He changes his batteries when they die and that is usually what we deal with the majority of the time. He told me last week that his right ear sounded funny.

More at

Friday, January 04, 2013

Deaf Bowl-A-Thon 2013 - March 9 - 12 noon to 5 pm - Tustin Lanes

Save The date!

March 9, 2013


More information at

Event includes a silent auction, a raffle, and a few bingo games!

Bowlathon flyer

Bowlathon player sponsor sheet

Bowlers will get swag bags loaded with goodies!

We got a lot of sponsors this time and were giving away a lot of interesting

Prizes include a free weekend at a spa resort!

Look at bottom of the bowlathon page for a list of sponsors!

Come on over for a good fun day!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

How To Save American Sign Language? Walking Or Shunning Stupidity?

A recently I was pointd to a YouTube video of Ryan Commerson suggesting that we have a "Walk for ASL" event to make a positive impression of the American Sign Language. Walking for ASL sounds sweet but it does nothing to cover up or even mask the stupidity from the hard line ASL advocates.

What really needs to be done is an organized campaign to encourage the public to shun the stupidity from the hard line ASL advocates, the deaf militants.

In the past 30 years as reported through the literary works of people including Tom Bertling, Frances Parsons, and Jeff Gauer, stupidity by the deaf militants has had a better impression of the perception of ASL on our society. Stupidity has its biggest impression to our society when they had Gallaudet University boot out Dr. Jane Fernendes. Stupidity continues to be prevalent in the deaf social networks and in many YouTube videos and it's exposure is just about to take a higher level as someone issued an ultimatum to end it otherwise will become exposed through major news outlets like CNN.

There is no organized campaign to tell the public to ignore the stupidity. Nothing from the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), nothing from any of the state deaf associations, nothing from any of the hundreds different deaf clubs throughout the United states. Even the new DEAF think tank group in Facebook is showing a blind eye on such stupidity. Lacking such campaigns our society is given the impression that stupidity is condoned by these deaf organizations.

And as illustrative as this gets, there happens to be a "large" deaf social network website that is owned by the husband of a NAD attorney. And that particular website has a history of condoning and even promoting such stupidity that makes ASL look bad to our society.

As long there is no organized campaign to reduce the impact of stupidity, walking for ASL will become the latest addition to the long list of failures of American Sign Language.

Richard Roehm

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Kids Describe Their Favorite Sounds

The Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) has posted an amazing video of deaf and hard of hearing children who, presumably through the assistance of cochlear implants (aka “bionic ears”), describe their favorite sounds.

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A quick brag...

Just a quick “bragging” moment about my E! The following is an e-mail I sent to E’s TOD a couple of days after his school Christmas program. I have taken out some names because they really aren’t that necessary.

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The joys of Goldenhar

According to the latest data (collected by me today) Brooklyn has 24 teeth, which is probably normal, she is now nine years old. Gage on the other hand has a total of 19.

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Boy, Was My Face Red

On this day 16 years ago (!!), I started a new job.  I was terrified, I’m not ashamed to admit, as I sat on the visitor’s couch waiting for my new boss to come out to the reception area to claim me.

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Creations by Xpressive Handz - Exotic Textures and How To Sign "Scarf"

I almost titled this post "What I Did for Winter Vacation". Photos of my projects are below the post. Winter crafts have been my main focus. Here's a peek of what my xpressive handz have been fashioning, crafting, crocheting.

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How not to do a consultation..

Following further investigations into the chaotic state of deaf support in the welsh NHS area we expose today the ridiculous basis of consultation (Made over 5 years ago), with unrepresnetative groups and no-deaf or HI at all virtually.

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Charities should provide evidence they have consulted widely.

A recent letter to the UK Charity commission has exposed issues where UK hearing loss charities are being relied on to advise government depts of issues in various area, e.g. health, work, emergency area...  Whilst it seems clear, we can ask for FOI data from the charity commission itself which oversees UK charities, we are being  told individual CHARITIES themselves do NOT have to provide responses or evidence of wide-ranging consultations themselves.

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The Ball - a short film about a deaf boy and hearing girl making friends

Check out this 10 minute video by Meerkat Films from Newcastle. It depicts how a relationship develops between a deaf boy, who uses sign language, and a hearing girl, who is finding life on the streets a bit tough.

More at

Angie Aspinall: Tilly the Wonderdog

Twelve short weeks ago, I was preparing for my first ever dog to come and live with us – a rescue dog called Tilly. I promised you all an update on how we got on so, here goes…

More at