Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Deaf Hope Anti-Bullying Pact

I applaud that they, the deaf-hope organization, made a pact to end cyberbullying, but I would not participate in such a pact hosted by such an exclusive group of people thats well known for misreading, misunderstanding, and even misinterpreting innocuous statements as cyberbullying. I bear witness to such multiple incidents of misinterpretations and blame it all on the American system of non-English based education of deaf people.

Richard Roehm

The following videos is that of Jerome Cain who has been an interesting feller in the deaf blogosphere. He is well known to bare more than just his own thoughts on any issue. He is very deserving of your attention.

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  1. only a cyber bully would say such ignorent hanious things and single out one group u must be a hearing person who is prejudice against deaf to speak so openly ignorent and stupid