Friday, January 25, 2013

OCDAC Needs $70,000.00 By May 1, 2013 To Buy Additional Condo To House Homeless Deaf & Disabled People

Right new we have two homes in our full control thats meeting its maximum occupation. And we have on our waiting list is a deaf homeless couple from Los Angeles with disabilities, another deaf homeless couple in Santa Ana with disabilities, a deaf blind person in San Diego, and a deaf person that many of you know is associated with one of the deaf expo organizers both at risk of becoming homeless.

Yes the deaf guy is well known to deaf people as one of the organizers to deaf tradeshow events similar to deaf expo, unfortunately he got himself into a messy situation thats puts him at high risk of becoming homeless. When he moves in with us, we will work together toward setting up our own deaf tradeshow events in 5 to 10 cities across the USA.

The 5 deaf people mentioned on our waiting are victims of unfortunate situations and have never committed any crimes and are very deserving of our help.

And have history of always charging the tenants as little as $115 a month to help them get back on their feet and scores have been helped by the chairman himself since 1994.

This is located in downtown Santa Ana, California and this is an ideal location due to its close proximity to several food banks, soup kitchens, bus and train depots, supermarkets, fast food outlets, and the low cost UCI health care clinic. They will have access to a lot of community resources available to help them get back on their feet.

In our building is a listing thats selling for $120,000.00 and the legal definition of our complex makes it difficult for lenders to make loans on that particular condo unless the down payment is at least or over 50% of the selling price. We have no problems finding the financing and already have the right realtor on standby to help us but we just need $70,000.00 to acquire it. It'd be great to have it by May 1, 2013.

The unit is actually being prepped up for sale with new paint, carpeting, plumbing, and etc. It is going to be listed starting around April 2013. So we start the capital campaign for it NOW!

The condo will help us get up to 10 deaf and disabled homeless or at risk off the streets.

Deaf and disabled people who are homeless or at risk can apply for housing counseling and emergency housing assistance at our online intake form

The condo looks very much like this one in the video below. This is the same shape structure as the unit thats for sale. In fact this unit is below the unit thats for sale.


Yes the very unit that is for sale made it to youtube when two teen lovebirds were caught breaking into it to have sex some years ago as seen in the video below.

If you want to give us a hand, this is your opportunity to do so and use the paypal link below to help us out. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and donations to us are tax deductible up to the maximum allowed by law.


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