Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Great Way To Help Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center

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Newsletter. It means you want to know whats going on within the Orange County
Deaf Advocacy Center.

We found an easy way for you to help us out.

A fast way to help us out is to sign onto the paybox payment system. We get $10
for each signup.

Click on http://www.paybox.me/r/ocdac and sign up to receive $25 and then you
can ask others to join under you for $10 each.

This is not a scam. This the same way paypal was formed. People will say
paybox dollars are like Disney or Linden dollars. The value of paybox dollars
is close to the U.S. Dollars.

It costs you absolutely nothing to maintain your membership. There are daily
requirements still to keep your account active. But those are very easy and take
a little bit of your time.

You already make the time to come online. Why not spare a little bit of that
time at paybox to enrich yourself. Remember it costs you no money and just
requires a little bit of your time. This is not a MLM.

All the money thats raised from this paybox account will go to deaf services of
Orange County. This is our way to sustain ourselves than increasing the burden
on taxpayers. Many of you have seen the OCDAC booth at the orange county fair,
some of the money goes to the costs of that booth. Ever noticed why there's no
deaf lawsuits in Orange County? Thats because of us helping business become
accessible to them. We are saving businesses in Orange County millions of
dollars from lawsuits. We are doing the good deeds here and we ask you to help
us out and you can also make yourself a little bit of money.

Why don't you help us raise the money we need for our operational expenses, its
easy and costs you no money and it all begins with a click to

Richard Roehm

Friday, November 26, 2010

eBay Alert - Double Donations Help Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center

This last minute eBay news just in...
eBay has doubled the donation that you'll earn for Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center.

Normally, your shopping contributes 20% of the Seller's Fee, but right now, it's 40% of the Seller's Fee.
eBay has told us that they may stop this special offer at any time, so take advantage of it today.

Help Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center even more when you shop eBay this holiday season via iGive.com
You must use the links in this e-mail or on our site to make this donation happen.

Shop eBay today to doubly help Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center.

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Your Help Is Needed To Win A Contest

Again we need to ask you for your help in viewing this video below and
clicking on the like icon below the YouTube video. We need as many YouTubelikes as possible to win this contest.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZwbP3Xuz5w it is captioned for those who don't
understand sign language.

The prize is a $3,000 professionally designed trade show booth that can be
compacted into a suitcase-like container for easy transport.

Please show your support and visit the YouTube video and click the like button.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We Have Created A Zany Zone For Deaf And Disabled Kids!

Never before a website so rich and safe for deaf and disabled kids, that Orange
County Deaf Advocacy Center created a safe place for them.

After seeing that popular deaf oriented video blog websites promoting bullying
and carrying negative messages and outlook, the Orange County Deaf Advocacy
Center created one that carries a very positive message for deaf and disabled

The website is Http://www.zanyzone.us and you have a sneak preview with the
login "zany" and password "zone". You will see its a colorful website with
links to nifty websites for boys and girls.

The website officially launches on "Black Friday" which is midnight on the East
coast, United States. Followed immediately by a 24 hour open house where anyone
can enter the website and learn of the registration procedures and rules.

This is going to be a family oriented website and all postings and comments will
be moderated to ensure a safe, cheerful, and positive learning and socializing
environment for the deaf and disabled kids.

Lets go to Zany Zone!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center Newsletter - November 20, 2010

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is a non-profit organization with the goal of helping disabled persons overcome the obstacles that present themselves in their everyday lives.

Richard Roehm, Dorothy Balesh, and William Cross founded this organization in 1998 in order to help those with hearing impairments. Since then, we have dedicated our efforts into improving the lives of deaf persons as well as others who have disabilities.

One of our most celebrated tools of our mission is educating, empowering, and leading people with disabilities toward self-sufficiency through proactive projects and educating the general public on how they can participate in helping people with disabilities reach their goals.

We serve mainly people with disabilities that are low-income, seeking to find and retain their jobs, move up the corporate ladder, that are homeless, that are elderly, and that have families and are trying to go from welfare to work. We started off with a deaf focus and added the other disabilities over time as we have acquired and developed the specific resources.

Recently we have modified our bylaws, and installed a new board of directors that is very diverse.

Our www.deafadvocacy.org website has undergone major changes and it more visibly appealing and easier to navigate than what we had before. Stop by our website.

Our eBay store has grown bigger. We have new shelving system that needs to be in place and is being hindered by our monstrous inventory of braille magazines. This is the reason why we have a 50% off sale on all braille magazines in our eBay store until the end of this month.

We have entered one of our video blogs in a contest. We would like for you to go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZwbP3Xuz5w and click on the like button below the video. Click on the CC button if you're not familiar with sign language.

We are raising money for our Rose Parade fundraising project. See this video
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xect6ERXyk and for this we have several ways you
can help us out;

1) Tupperware fundraiser http://shortlinks.deafadvocacy.org/tupperware
2) Flashing rose fundraiser http://eyefirevlogs.com/eyefire2/?p=10653
3) Make a straight donation http://www.deafadvocacy.org/d

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is about promoting the recognition and
inclusion of the hearing impaired and other persons with disabilities into all
aspects of our society. Our main goals are to enable deaf and disabled people to
achieve their maximum potential through increased education, advocacy, and
participation in all aspects of the community.

Your assistance in helping us achieve our goals is appreciated.

Richard Roehm