Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We Have Created A Zany Zone For Deaf And Disabled Kids!

Never before a website so rich and safe for deaf and disabled kids, that Orange
County Deaf Advocacy Center created a safe place for them.

After seeing that popular deaf oriented video blog websites promoting bullying
and carrying negative messages and outlook, the Orange County Deaf Advocacy
Center created one that carries a very positive message for deaf and disabled

The website is Http://www.zanyzone.us and you have a sneak preview with the
login "zany" and password "zone". You will see its a colorful website with
links to nifty websites for boys and girls.

The website officially launches on "Black Friday" which is midnight on the East
coast, United States. Followed immediately by a 24 hour open house where anyone
can enter the website and learn of the registration procedures and rules.

This is going to be a family oriented website and all postings and comments will
be moderated to ensure a safe, cheerful, and positive learning and socializing
environment for the deaf and disabled kids.

Lets go to Zany Zone!


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