Monday, September 14, 2015

Important Updates

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center Update September 14th, 2015

Wow, there is a lot going on. Let’s bring everyone up to speed…

In April we lost the lease at French Street and had to move to a storage facility in Anaheim while working the Pet Expo in Costa Mesa at the same time (huge credit to Bobby for the long hours he pulled making sure things got done!). We are currently meeting clients and volunteers in the community while we search for land and a trailer to start work on the Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch (RRMR) Facility. We need to have a plot of land by November even if it is small and only used temporarily until the actual site is found. The reason we need a plot of land is that we are going to be accepting donations of equipment and supplies and we need space to put these things. Paying for storage is too expensive to store things like lumber that will be used for building the buildings on the RRMR facility site. So until we get the land we can’t accept any lumber or other bulky items. One item we can accept is a trailer or RV in fair condition for us to work on to make into a type of mobile office, this we need right away. Yes, I have a place to park it! If you have or know of anyone who has an old camper trailer or RV please let them know we need one donated to us and that they will receive a receipt for their taxes.

In April we also did Youth Expo, and then in June we did the Tustin Chili Cook-off. In July and August we did the Orange County Fair for the 16th year in a row! And we got a blue ribbon again this year!

So what is planned going forward....

We have the Bowl-a-thon on Nov 7th at 5pm at Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley. Everyone is invited to join us!

We are bringing back the Meetups and need ideas of where to hold them. We have also started a meetup on blindness and low vision.

We are still collecting Labels for Education and I have posted a video. (Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel)

We are collecting ink and toner, if you are a business you can sign up for your own account and get free materials to send in the ink and toner cartridges. If you are interested in collecting for the cartridges as a volunteer project let us know!

We need your old phones and tablets!!! Please send in any phone or tablet working or not! We refurbish them to be accessible communication devices for deaf, blind or autistic clients in need. You can either mail them to us or contact us and we will pick them up from you if you are in the Orange County area.

There is a lot more going on, we have been posting news about deafness, blindness and autism on Facebook and Twitter. You can follow us on those platforms.

Calling all volunteers who can work from home on their own computers and phones. We use google hangouts and google drive. If you are interested in helping please let us know. A lot of things that need to be done are very simple but they take time and you can make a real difference with your time.

You can always reply to this email with any questions or suggestions.

Thank you,

Beth Koenig
Executive Director
Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center
2255 W. Ball Rd #2430
Anaheim, CA 92814