Monday, November 26, 2012

Open Video Message To FCC - Convo VRS Sponsored "ASLRocks" A Provenly Deaf Bully Website

I'll say no words myself. The videos, pictures, and links below speak for THE TRUTH themselves. Some links will disappear as the truth will hurt.

You be the judge of the videos, pictures, and the links.

Please share this page URL fast and wide.

And email FCC too.

Chairman Julius Genachowski: [email protected]
Commissioner Robert McDowell: [email protected]
Commissioner Mignon Clyburn: [email protected]
Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel: [email protected]
Commissioner Ajit Pai: [email protected]

Richard Roehm

Saturday, November 24, 2012

What Is Facebook’s “DEAF GROUP OF SCAM ALERT” Group All About? Part II

Its a very commendable Facebook group that alerts its members of potential fake identities, "fakebookers" as I call them. This way people don't have to fall for any scams operated by fakebookers. And these always begins with friending fakebookers. Also plays a decent role preventing identity theft in the deaf community.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

We Have Low Cost Colorful Wireless Flashing Doorbell Kits For Deaf And HOH

Greetings friends, associates, and relatives.

As you remember, we have a colorful wireless doorbell flasher as one of our

See video :

Yesterday we received a shipment of the flashing doorbells that are paired up to
matching frequency code.   This is in response to scores of requests for two
 and more units with matching codes.

Now you can get these pairs of wireless flashing doorbells from us for $109.95
which is cheaper than the average price of $190.00 to $270.00 for similar units
sold at the deaf expo events.  Ordering direct from the manufacturer, sea
freight, and processing by volunteers has kept the pricing very low for our
consumers and stakeholders.

Now you can get our wireless doorbell flashers and not have to leave your home
doors unlocked and open 24/7 anymore.  You can live safer and more peacefully
than before!


Two units matching

Three unit special:\

These make great holiday gifts for yourself, your friends, your associates, and
your relatives.

All funds raised goes to education, housing, advocacy, communication assistance,
independent living skills, and outreach programs for the deaf, deaf-blind, and
the disabled offered by the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center.

And don't forget our 4th annual bowl-a-thon next
year lots of fun, lots of education, and
lots of prizes too!

Richard Roehm
Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center

Saturday, November 03, 2012

What Is Facebook's "DEAF GROUP OF SCAM ALERT" Group All About?

I received several email messages regarding a Facebook group called "DEAF GROUP OF SCAM ALERT" found at and I would like additional feedback or comments regarding that group. Send that to my email at tagboard7(at)

I've been able to sack several scam groups in my history. I Helped take down several pyramid schemes that involved the deaf community that includes Future Strategies, VIP-CLUB, Pentagono, PPBG, and one of my proudest trophies on my wall is the head of Robert (RJ) Johnson for which I got the U.S. Treasury agents at his tail on the afternoon of September 6, 2003. RJ himself was the kingpin of dozens of scams that targeted the deaf community on the West Coast.

Now several scams are targeting deaf people and I have been watching them as a disguised sleeper.

Richard Roehm

Note: Don't bother trying to spread garbage about me in the ripoff report website as that came from my ex-wife who lost the divorce and her family inheritance.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Deaf Activist Richard Roehm Condemns All Who Condemns C. Handler

If they are going to be blowing a sour hoot over something intended to be humorous, then theyre doing it at the expense of your future deaf babies. Present and future parents of deaf newborns will see this and not let their kids live their lives in the "closed deaf society".

I still sit in the patient advocacy council at a hospital that performs cochlear implants. The deaf militants absolutely have no idea what goes on in the parent's decision making process. They know nothing of what the decision making equation looks like and where they get the contents that goes into it.

Also they are the types that will look away from deaf people and organizations that blow sour hoots over something humorous and tiny. It'll be a major turnoff to them and will have a lot of weight in their decision to get their deaf newborns implanted.

So it's safe for me to condemning people and organizations that are condemning C. Handler for the humorous stunt.

Richard Roehm