Thursday, November 08, 2012

We Have Low Cost Colorful Wireless Flashing Doorbell Kits For Deaf And HOH

Greetings friends, associates, and relatives.

As you remember, we have a colorful wireless doorbell flasher as one of our

See video :

Yesterday we received a shipment of the flashing doorbells that are paired up to
matching frequency code.   This is in response to scores of requests for two
 and more units with matching codes.

Now you can get these pairs of wireless flashing doorbells from us for $109.95
which is cheaper than the average price of $190.00 to $270.00 for similar units
sold at the deaf expo events.  Ordering direct from the manufacturer, sea
freight, and processing by volunteers has kept the pricing very low for our
consumers and stakeholders.

Now you can get our wireless doorbell flashers and not have to leave your home
doors unlocked and open 24/7 anymore.  You can live safer and more peacefully
than before!


Two units matching

Three unit special:\

These make great holiday gifts for yourself, your friends, your associates, and
your relatives.

All funds raised goes to education, housing, advocacy, communication assistance,
independent living skills, and outreach programs for the deaf, deaf-blind, and
the disabled offered by the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center.

And don't forget our 4th annual bowl-a-thon next
year lots of fun, lots of education, and
lots of prizes too!

Richard Roehm
Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center

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