Saturday, November 03, 2012

What Is Facebook's "DEAF GROUP OF SCAM ALERT" Group All About?

I received several email messages regarding a Facebook group called "DEAF GROUP OF SCAM ALERT" found at and I would like additional feedback or comments regarding that group. Send that to my email at tagboard7(at)

I've been able to sack several scam groups in my history. I Helped take down several pyramid schemes that involved the deaf community that includes Future Strategies, VIP-CLUB, Pentagono, PPBG, and one of my proudest trophies on my wall is the head of Robert (RJ) Johnson for which I got the U.S. Treasury agents at his tail on the afternoon of September 6, 2003. RJ himself was the kingpin of dozens of scams that targeted the deaf community on the West Coast.

Now several scams are targeting deaf people and I have been watching them as a disguised sleeper.

Richard Roehm

Note: Don't bother trying to spread garbage about me in the ripoff report website as that came from my ex-wife who lost the divorce and her family inheritance.

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