Thursday, July 26, 2012

1921 German Pencil Painting To Be Up For Auction

I've decided to unload this painting from my bedroom in which it had been sitting for 12 years, and replace it with something more aligned to my home situation.

Funds raised will go to Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center and will be linked to this October's Text-A-Thon. Funds raised will be spent on a new enclosed trailer for our fundraising and outreach activities.

Goal is $7000.00 for the painting alone. Plans are for it to be listed in our Ebay account in October.

Painting is in top condition and glass frame can be replaced.

If any other professional auctioner, online or outside can do a pro bono job getting this sold for a price close to the goal, please dont hestitiate to email me at tagboard7(at) use the "1921 Painting Auction" in the subject line.

Enjoy the gallery.

Richard Roehm


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

News for July and more!

Small OCDAC Logo
July 22, 2012
Hello and Welcome
Hi Supporter,

Wow, this month has been busy! We have been running around for the Orange County Fair booth to get everything in place. Then there is the on going See's Candy Card Fundraiser, the Macy's Shopping Day event and the Bowl-a-thon. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these things please reply to this email or [email protected]

We have partnered up with a health and wellness company that offers a variety of products and services. Everything from cleaning supplies and first aid items to weight loss support and vitamins. We are very excited about this and would love to share more info about it. If you are interested in knowing more please reply to this email or [email protected] and let us know.

So much is happening and I know it can be overwelming for people to keep up with everything. I have good news on that front! We are in the process of designing a brand new volunteer page that will be a whole website to it's self. I will be putting out a special annoucement when it's ready so look for that in August. 

And a quick reminder, once again, that we still need help at the Orange County Fair booth, please contact us by email.

I hope that everyone enjoys the newsletter and please send me feedback. 

Beth Koenig
Executive Director
Now offering Sign Language!
We are offering free finger spelling workshops and low cost Sign Language Classes. For more information and to sign up or register go to
Baseball Camp for Kids!
This Baseball camp has been around for many years and we are posting this info to let people know about it.

Dates: Aug 6-10, 2012
Location of Camp: Boysen Park, 951 State College Blvd., Anaheim   (view map)
Length of Camp: 5 days (Monday - Friday)
Camp times: 9:00am to 1:00pm
Extended hours: available from 1:00pm to 5:00pm available at The Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim free of charge. Transportation is provided to The Boys and Girls Club.   (view map)   (714) 491-3617
Registration cost: $50
Age of Campers: 7 - 17
What's included: camp, lunches, cap, t-shirt, day to play at Anaheim Stadium, trophy, and various gifts donated by wonderful organizations who help sponsor us.


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Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center
1001 N French Street #8
Santa Ana, California 92701
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OC Fair is coming signup for the booth!

The Orange County Fair is coming!

Help with the booth and get free entry and parking to the Fair just for woking a 3 to 4 hour shift! No experance or signing needed! Just be on time and sit at the booth to help people that walk by, very easy to do!
If you would like to help us out you can view the shifts here. (Requires free google account to signup)
Please reply to this email or send info to [email protected] with your name, phone number (cell phone is best), and email address. If you are not in the database we may need more info.
If you want to work with a friend they must provide their info also.
You will also have to make time to pick up your parking pass and ticket a head of time.

This is a great oppertunity to get out and educate people at our bigest education booth of the year! We hope to have you join us!

Beth Koenig
Excutive Director
Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center
(714) 699-DEAF (3323)
[email protected]

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Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center
1001 N French Street #8
Santa Ana, California 92701
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Odd Tweets In Our Twitter@ocdac

You may have seen a handful of tweets in our twitter accounts in the past few days that have nothing to do with OCDAC and its mission.


The new mission is to collaborate effectively in the social networks. We get credits for retweeting other peoples tweets and they retweet our messages like a tweet exchange system.

I make sure the retweets we do are of content that would be entertaining and helpful to our supporters. I've had to decline large credits for refusing to retweet real bizzarro stuff.

Richard Roehm
Chairman, OCDAC

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hearing Today - Deaf Tomorrow..


It can happen to anyone. (At least I had 8 days run up to it !) 'I was fit and had just turned 50, yet out of nowhere I was deaf,' said Chris Cooper. ‘I turned up the radio but couldn’t hear the music. 'I began to panic, but tried to reassure myself that I probably had wax in my ear.’

More at

Friday, July 20, 2012

Former deaf child shares his story with lawmakers

Johnathan is a normal kid. He likes fishing and playing sports. It was at the age of 13, one year ago, that he first got to hear the sounds of all his favorite things.

This guy going to be the poster boy in congress.

More at

Sorenson Communications Abandoning United Kingdom?

I am picking up reliable information that Sorenson has stopped it's VRS outreach in United Kingdom. Reasons not clear yet but I suspect royal resistance playing a significant role.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012 American School for the Deaf Valedictorian SPOKE His Speech

100 Days of Aural Rehab: Week #11

I took my weekly test a day early because I’m not sure if I’ll have time to take it tomorrow. On Monday I decided it was time to start wearing my CIs in the classroom again.

More at

Shearing For Hearing-It’s Really Happening!!!

When a parent learns that their baby or young child has a hearing loss, they are often left feeling alone and unsure what to do.

Read more

Help Raelyn Hear!

Here’s some information about Raelyn.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sorenson VRS Installer-Trainer Accused Of Sex Harrassment

Was just brought to my attention and deserves to be broadcasted. Click on the YouTube link below for the details.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Deaf Person Faked Louisville Airport TSA Mistreatment Story

Yes they investigated and could not find any video that corresponds to the deaf person's allegations.

He probably was very upset that Sheri Fahrina lost the race to NAD's President seat.


Sheri Farinha's 7000+ Facebook Supporters Seek To Create New Deaf Think Tank

Sheri Farinha group of 7,000-plus facebookers are trying to assemble a new think tank for the deaf community.  I find this to be a waste of time because as we have seen with the other two think tanks, the Deaf Bilingual Coalition and the Audism Free America, they have not accomplished any improvements for deaf society.  Being the inflexible militant sign language hardliners, the new think tank is likely to commit the same embarrassing fumbles as the other two think tanks have done.

The 7000-plus facebookers can make better use of their time and energy by standing behind Chris Wagner and giving him the power of the membership numbers to make life better for deaf people. They should grow up and move on than become members of Paul Kiel's army of Eyeth soldiers.

Richard Roehm

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Congratulations Chris Wagner New President Of National Association Of The Deaf

This week ends a long 12 year chapter of the American deaf society. When the childish Kappa Gamma militants took over NAD in the summer of 2000. They denounced, severely criticized, bullied, and excluded deaf leaders who believed in openess and inclusivity. They turned NAD into an example of a closed deaf society. Today's election ends all that. The deaf militants were all swept away. The delegates finally woke up and saw the darkness that had been brought in by the deaf militants and decided it was time to end it. The new NAD leadership sees the "people" in the deaf society apart from being language enforcement machines.