Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sheri Farinha's 7000+ Facebook Supporters Seek To Create New Deaf Think Tank

Sheri Farinha group of 7,000-plus facebookers are trying to assemble a new think tank for the deaf community.  I find this to be a waste of time because as we have seen with the other two think tanks, the Deaf Bilingual Coalition and the Audism Free America, they have not accomplished any improvements for deaf society.  Being the inflexible militant sign language hardliners, the new think tank is likely to commit the same embarrassing fumbles as the other two think tanks have done.

The 7000-plus facebookers can make better use of their time and energy by standing behind Chris Wagner and giving him the power of the membership numbers to make life better for deaf people. They should grow up and move on than become members of Paul Kiel's army of Eyeth soldiers.

Richard Roehm

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