Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hearing Today - Deaf Tomorrow..


It can happen to anyone. (At least I had 8 days run up to it !) 'I was fit and had just turned 50, yet out of nowhere I was deaf,' said Chris Cooper. ‘I turned up the radio but couldn’t hear the music. 'I began to panic, but tried to reassure myself that I probably had wax in my ear.’

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  1. I was born geneticly deaf had mnegitis.and tons of ear infections what I don't understand is why hearing are so stupid to hurt there ears because they meet a deaf person I have had several hearing people hurt there ears because they met me I. Had a neighbor in rogers park I'll who had a crush on me I didn't know it till her father accused me of getting her pregnet and telling her to make herself deaf. In one ear she was like 13 and I was in my 30s I never laid a hand on her she asked to. Learn abc sign language I showed her that nothing much more and another neighbor hurt his ear to because of me I yelled at him in voice and asl with his mother there hearing people do things like this they play there music to close and to loud to there ears why is the. Hearing world not taking responsibility for there ears ib think subconconciously hearing crave structure they want to be deaf they want. Sence of order and consistency in there life like we do I think hearing might be better off deaf. I think computers and technology will improve I think ada will get stronger I think congress and the preidency will all be deaf like it should be