Thursday, July 26, 2012

1921 German Pencil Painting To Be Up For Auction

I've decided to unload this painting from my bedroom in which it had been sitting for 12 years, and replace it with something more aligned to my home situation.

Funds raised will go to Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center and will be linked to this October's Text-A-Thon. Funds raised will be spent on a new enclosed trailer for our fundraising and outreach activities.

Goal is $7000.00 for the painting alone. Plans are for it to be listed in our Ebay account in October.

Painting is in top condition and glass frame can be replaced.

If any other professional auctioner, online or outside can do a pro bono job getting this sold for a price close to the goal, please dont hestitiate to email me at tagboard7(at) use the "1921 Painting Auction" in the subject line.

Enjoy the gallery.

Richard Roehm


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