Friday, July 20, 2012

Sorenson Communications Abandoning United Kingdom?

I am picking up reliable information that Sorenson has stopped it's VRS outreach in United Kingdom. Reasons not clear yet but I suspect royal resistance playing a significant role.


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  1. Is the america disabilities act wide if it were it would make them liable to complie if ada were world wide it would be creating a lot more pressure to accept disabled and mentally ill in the orld and there not. Accepptted in a lot of countries like china and japan korea and more how do I know this talking with person I know from jaan and education in college many countries institutionalize them I've read on the internet about a book about a deaf person who was german and lived @ the time of auschwatz and spoke that deaf were outcast more of slave labor in order to survive many things in the world to learn many viewpoints to think about not just one if the world only had one set of ideals and values opions it wouldn't be intelligent it would be a dumbfuck nafcacistic dictator trying to rule the world it is a childs dream to overthrow the world and dominate it like stewie griffith or calvin and hobbes it is not real maturity its being vein about a sence of responsibility and accountability sorenson should be allowed to empower the deaf communication in the uk to inconvience deaf is to hinder them to procrastinate the deaaf communitties development it retards the growth of the deaf communitty it delays the empowerment of deaf independence deaf self suffiency deaf self relience deaf education and much moree the situation should get resolved our deaf elders and sorenson along with the deaf belders of the uk must talk otherwsise this would be presiding with prejudice to be a social setback on the deaf youth of the uk mabey we should educate the uk deaf about sorenson and create online petitions to create pressure on the uk to embrace sorenson rather then bicker and argue like children