Friday, November 02, 2012

Deaf Activist Richard Roehm Condemns All Who Condemns C. Handler

If they are going to be blowing a sour hoot over something intended to be humorous, then theyre doing it at the expense of your future deaf babies. Present and future parents of deaf newborns will see this and not let their kids live their lives in the "closed deaf society".

I still sit in the patient advocacy council at a hospital that performs cochlear implants. The deaf militants absolutely have no idea what goes on in the parent's decision making process. They know nothing of what the decision making equation looks like and where they get the contents that goes into it.

Also they are the types that will look away from deaf people and organizations that blow sour hoots over something humorous and tiny. It'll be a major turnoff to them and will have a lot of weight in their decision to get their deaf newborns implanted.

So it's safe for me to condemning people and organizations that are condemning C. Handler for the humorous stunt.

Richard Roehm



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