Saturday, November 20, 2010

Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center Newsletter - November 20, 2010

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is a non-profit organization with the goal of helping disabled persons overcome the obstacles that present themselves in their everyday lives.

Richard Roehm, Dorothy Balesh, and William Cross founded this organization in 1998 in order to help those with hearing impairments. Since then, we have dedicated our efforts into improving the lives of deaf persons as well as others who have disabilities.

One of our most celebrated tools of our mission is educating, empowering, and leading people with disabilities toward self-sufficiency through proactive projects and educating the general public on how they can participate in helping people with disabilities reach their goals.

We serve mainly people with disabilities that are low-income, seeking to find and retain their jobs, move up the corporate ladder, that are homeless, that are elderly, and that have families and are trying to go from welfare to work. We started off with a deaf focus and added the other disabilities over time as we have acquired and developed the specific resources.

Recently we have modified our bylaws, and installed a new board of directors that is very diverse.

Our website has undergone major changes and it more visibly appealing and easier to navigate than what we had before. Stop by our website.

Our eBay store has grown bigger. We have new shelving system that needs to be in place and is being hindered by our monstrous inventory of braille magazines. This is the reason why we have a 50% off sale on all braille magazines in our eBay store until the end of this month.\

We have entered one of our video blogs in a contest. We would like for you to go to and click on the like button below the video. Click on the CC button if you're not familiar with sign language.

We are raising money for our Rose Parade fundraising project. See this video and for this we have several ways you
can help us out;

1) Tupperware fundraiser
2) Flashing rose fundraiser
3) Make a straight donation

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is about promoting the recognition and
inclusion of the hearing impaired and other persons with disabilities into all
aspects of our society. Our main goals are to enable deaf and disabled people to
achieve their maximum potential through increased education, advocacy, and
participation in all aspects of the community.

Your assistance in helping us achieve our goals is appreciated.

Richard Roehm

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