Saturday, October 16, 2010

OCDAC Newsletter October 16, 2010

Greetings members,

Yes it's been a while since you got the last newsletter. We've been busy with
our outreach and clients.

We've completed our capacity building grant that enabled our agency to hire an
attorney to tune-up our non-profit paperwork and developed a number of policies
for our agency and a handbook for our volunteers. We have a new 7 member board
that is a diverse and inclusive composition of people that know how to look into
the future and be part of the deaf future.

We've entered one of our videos in a contest, please visit this and click on the like button. It is

AB 2072 was vetoed by the governor but it doesn't stop us from pushing the idea
at this website

Next week we will be heavy on outreach activities. We've been invited to
several events and we are ready for that.

I've been doing a lot of Facebook work and would like you to add me as a friend
so you will be up to par on our activities.
My Facebook identity is at

Our eBay store remains above the 900 item mark we are having trouble getting
close to the 1,000 mark because people have started their holiday shopping at
our webstore.

Our website looks very different as we upgraded it and it still has a lot of
work to do to bring it up to par. Http://

In spite of the never ending negative rumormongering about me and our agency,
our client traffic has increased and that's a sign that people still need our
help and they chose us over the social service agencies in their areas. We are
still worthy of your support.

Richard Roehm

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