Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Shameful Cries Of Foul By Sign Language Militants Over Article Video An Embarrassment

The fact here is over 98% of the deaf people do not sign at all and its shameful to see a handful of sign language militants crying foul over a NBC article video showing deaf people talkin instead of signing.

You see, the sign language militants are still sitting high on their dream horses to be able to see whats really on the ground.

The sign language militants are in for a rude awakeneing when they see the outcomes of their whitehouse petition, CEASD, EHDI, and many more newsworthy events showing that the new deaf generations are moving forward away from the old deaf traditions.

The article in question is at

Richard Roehm


  1. lets be honest media has been trying coerce us into talking more so have our hearing families like mine they got the interperter glove to make us more vocial cause the hearing communitty wants to take away the goals we have set and see toit that the agreements argeed upon are not achieved because hearing are trying to develope us into them they keep saying its just psychology about me in my neighborhood they seem to think that they are superior they seem to think tv and movies like switched at birth has to be more voice to serve there hearing communitty youtry to educate the ignorent hearing with storys like switched at birth but it is written in christian form for tv when when deaf are mostly catholics they are not the same hearing are more lazy and prefer the lazy way then having tobother to learn like my hearing family says that its not worth there while they say whats in it for me they seem to think they have power over us because were mostly born into there families life is about deaf being independent as adults not having to obey mom and dad its about making ur own choices and decisons abouot who u are in life its not up to anyone to decisde if u talk voice or asl personally for me i prefer talking asl rather then voice i hate taking voice i even hate having to wear my hearing aid but i wear it outsdie for safety i think hearing put more time into learning spanish and computers then they did asl they had it part of school mandatory coriculim like spanish was at one time but politicians have made policey that everyone who comes to america has to learn english and i think its the same with trying to force deaf into being voice and i think there next step is different hearing aids then implants for deaf like i have seen deaf go through i think that hearing believe that they have the right to play w ith the deaf identity the deaf psychie and play head games with our culture i find this inappropiate of hearing culturre i find it unprofeshional behavior by hearing america i find they discriminate on us and they want us to go through speech classes i find on internet that christians are trying to convert deaf to there beliefs because christians are into coersion my brother is like this for someone who is a evigelical christian and uses mind control techniques i am shamed of this if he does not agree with a sign he goes out of his way to have it changed in oour communitty he is a hearing as?&$@%!!% who is not to bright about deaf because most hearing dont know anything about our culture our way of life they just do thats the way he is and other hearing are
    uneducated and ignorent never having lived the exsperience because my parents and him refused deaf culture in the home they refused asl they refused lots of things and i ws forced to lipread and talk voice all the time i hated it no hearing aid was allowed they took it away from me

  2. what i find shamefull is hearing culture and its militant attitude to dominate deaf culture they say there is no war on deafness but there is in my opion they believe ignorence is beatifull that is what the world bliss means beatifull