Friday, January 18, 2013

Is "Mom's Plea- $8,000 Or Jail" A Scam Or Not?

Fresh in the deaf blogosphere is a fiery situation growing.

First came this video plea on

Then came quickly a response on

This not the first time this happened. Its happened before years ago in a website called

A conspiracy in 2009 by a handful of deaf feminist lesbians has duped deaf people in the blogosphere to shelling out money to a young British deaf lady who faced deportation because her adopted parents decided to scorn her over undisclosed reasons. A woman by the name of "Cobra" lead this effort to collect money and it was found shortly afterwards that the whole thing was a scam. Happened after people donated generously and some being as much as $500 from a single donor. It not only hurt the donors, but it hurt the deaf community greatly because it caused a lot of drama with people taking sides and breaking up the deaf community as if it was a repeat of the babel tower syndrome.

This drama developing at the fundrazr website threatens to further balkanize the deaf community especially when its already very weak from the numerous assaults by the society.

And you can see my links on the fundrazr website explaining the destructive abilities of these scam campaigns have on the deaf community.

Richard Roehm

UPDATE: They removed the links because they didnt want the truth from the last time to impede this effort.

UPDATE II: I had to remove the videos as people were gang flagging it. I didn't want to lose the youtube account.

UPDATE III : The fundraiser proponent(s) has removed links to the truth repeatedly after they're posted. Thats a strong marker that the Dawn plea is highly likely a scam.


  1. it shows the scam is cyber intelligent as well refering to nbr 3

  2. Richard, are you claiming this is scam because you have nothing else to do on a friday but try to crab on someone else? I would suppose thats the idea you have for tonight. Enjoy but why are you so worried about this specific website? I am sure there are much more important stuff that need attention.

  3. You have to approve the comments yourself? THIS is a SCAM!!!! You see what I am talking about? hah

  4. I did a lot of work today. Raised a lot of money. Helped two deaf homes become safer. Brought food to a sick woman. Dropped two clients at the train station. Even helped a Gallaudet professor acquire STD/AIDS ASL education DVDs. And planned out the rides for 5 deaf people going to a new food bank tomorrow. I did a lot of good today and I can still fight scams today.

  5. Not to mention that I'm hosting these two meetup groups tonight AND so I got a real busy day and it's like this 4 days a week and I'm well connected to the deaf communities.

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