Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beneath the Planet of the Deaf

Only because of American Sign Language, the deaf community is becoming well known for chewing down their leaders. People need to realize that deaf people can be taught to communicate in other ways. People need to realize that ASL is not everything to deaf people these days.


Let's celebrate International Day of the Deaf by recognizing the deaf community's desire to be liberated from the ugly knives of ASL.

It's becoming known that ASL has been used as a weapon, measuring device, and as harassment tools on deaf people especially their leaders in the past decade.

Unless the deaf militants, ASL extremists, and the old deaf guards, start growing up for a change, their sacred language is getting on the fast track toward extinction.

Richard Roehm


  1. SIGH......

    Facts, it's Y O U that need to go away.....

    Look at the mirror, scary aint it?

  2. Your cartoon doesn't make sense at all. ASL knives? You anti-ASL?

    Has it ever occured to you that you may be suffering from paranoid delusions?

    Methink you need professional help!

  3. Deaf babies dont need this!

  4. Sign language hurts people. How sad.

  5. You think I need help? Guess what t hats exactly whats in the book in the vlog that the ASL extremists implied that Frances Parsons needs to go to St. Elizabeth's hospital for mentally ill simply because she didnt support them. What you did is a textbook response. I'm not going to be intimidated by those kinds comments.


  6. You're having this problem because you are not in tune with other Deaf people who are working with other deaf people in many different ways.

    You are working alone, following your own ideas, and competing with others for grant money.

    You are falsifying information and sabotaging others to get that money.

    You are disagreeing with the others, making decisions on your own without input, and basically acting like an egoistic lone wolf.

    The only way you can participate is to join with the others, follow what they all agree on, and promote the general good instead of your own.

    An example is your active support and encouragement of deaf peddling and begging...this is not favored by the majority of the Deaf community and is considered harmful to the general good.

    Wise up or get out of the competition. There are places where you can be a lone wolf and no one will dispute your preference.

  7. I'm in tune with the future of the deaf society, such a society thats readily interfaceable with the hearing society.

    Working alone? Lone wolf? You haven't seen our office and the folks who work in it. We have ALDA and HLAA folks with us in our office.

    The ASL militants are too busy shooting themselves in their feet which is making it easier for us to get the funds.

    'Others' as you define are the childish ASL extremists and through evolution, time and the lack of maturity within will make them disappear on their own.

    I'm not the lone supporter of peddling, we have a large deaf book publisher, 2 other California state funded agencies supporting this type of free enterprise.
    19 other states have deaf agencies that are in agreement with me.

    The competition will quickly evolve itself out of it's own existence as long the childishness persists within them.


  8. Your words do not ring true because you do not name the agencies that support you or the others you say work with you. How can we check?

    I challenge you to start by naming the people and organizations that support peddling as a "free enterprise". What a lot of hooey.

  9. Hooey? Go back to the previous blogs and you'll find the Kudos you're looking for.

  10. If you don't like sign language, then cut off your hands! Go practice Oralism!

  11. Typical. Sidetracking instead of answering the question directly.
    No thanks.

  12. I'm pleased with the response I'm getting from this blog post. This has impacted a number of deaf/hard of hearing blogging clicks already. It has sort of altered the spin that had been going on. Keep an eye for the next one will be a strong wake up call.


  13. You tend violate code of ethics. Client confidentalities and abuse and mismanagement of funds. Expect investigations from Sacto.

  14. Perhaps there is some other sort of nationalized language that does not involve needing to hear, read lips or voice. Please let me know what this form of communication is, as I am very excited to learn.