Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Debunking One Of Ridorlive's Favorite Rumors

Yesterday at the Los Angeles Deafestival 2007, I was approached by several people from our great blogworld. They asked me about our office. It seems our great rumorblogger Ridorlive website had been feeding them some interesting stuff about our office. So after a day at the office on Monday the 17th, I decided to make a small video of our agency for our great deaf blogworld.

After seeing the video, you be the judge whether your valuable brain cells have been wasted carrying garbage from this great rumorblogger.



  1. Your agency is growing as the last time I visited. Was that 5 years ago? You have more items and more resources and space.

    You are doing good!

  2. Howdy Richard!

    one day you will live in my castle and have bigger office!

    Don't worry about Ridor! he's the future Mayor!

  3. WELL? RIDoR?? satisfy??.. u people can use him.. he s for real..

  4. Stephen,


    We've grown quite a lot and were adding 2 more rooms soon as we got a golden opportunity to expand our adaptive equipment program.

    As soon as the new Human Options building is finished constructing, we'll get a golden opportunity to move into a bigger office setting. We're very comfortable at the facility were at because of the good AC and heavy security.


  5. Wow, lots of rooms! Obviously you are drowning in paperwork! I hope you have a shredder.

    Please explain to your readers about how your organization is supported. Who pays your salary?

    'Interesting to note how you sign "shipping". I hope your merchandise does not float away!

    Thanks, Richard, enjoyed it!


  6. I'm curious what the outside of your offices look like. You called it a hybrid storage/business center. When deaf people come to your classroom or offices, what does it look like as they drive in? Just curious.

    ~ LaRonda

  7. Hahah drowning in paperwork? Those are Beth's desks.

    Will do an official video of our org, what we do, and will have all the info pictures etc and results of our presence in Orange County.


  8. The "office" section looks like storage doors in single storage stalls. All have padlocks like storage closets. Your "office" part looks like there are NO windows. If there is a running-water kitchen or bathroom, it is probably not in your group of "offices".

    Whatever local laws allow this in storage cubicles, it would be better for your "business" to move elsewhere where you can have a professional appearance and win the confidence of your sponsors. I wouldn't contribute to an outfit that rents by the month in a storage facility.

  9. Where is privacy and confidentiality for clients, hmm?

  10. Clients can ask for a private meeting in the classroom.

    Please try to study the video more carefully before making statements regarding windows and locks.

    Come to our holiday open house each year you'll see for yourself, or better, wait for our official video tour to come out.


  11. I am still skeptical which I am very aware with the manipulation of visual means, ex. video footage. Many historians and journalists are more wary of so-called visual evidences. Too many pictures and video footages could lend to distortation of factual evidences.

    Why didn't you, Richard, show the exterior part of the OCAD building, then keep shooting into the waiting room and the rest of your offices and storage area.

    How come no presence of staff members or visitors? I do not see any listing of staff members.

    Why sell adaptive stuff and other stuffs on the e-Bay? Is that your organization supposed to ship thru regular online means, not selling them on the e-Bay.

    I truly appreciate your effort to debunk Ridor's claim about your OCAD offices being in the storage room, but still do not convince me fully.

    Why not have the local television newsreporter to take an official tour of your OCAD office as part of media outreach?

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  12. RLM,

    Even if we did get the professional video done there'd always be folks that are hard to please making noise they're not convinced and they will come up with anything down to the color of the paperclips we use to criticize us.

    The official video will come soon and it will have everything.


  13. And that day was an 'off day' as we worked over the weekend at 2 different deaf events.

    There were 3 hands along with me at the office. One was taking the video the other two were handling our TEDPA project.


  14. Richard,

    Many thanks for an immediate response. I truly apperciate it very much.

    I could undy the feelings of being unfairly demonized with false claims.

    You are not only the victim of malicious gossip(s). I have been a victim of falsehoods in the past, too.

    Too many people still guillible without double-checking any rumors or gossips or newsreports.

    At least, you show yourself to the entire world who and what you are all about.

    Keep up the good work with the OCAD agency. You have my profound respect for posting my comment.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  15. It's good to see that there are deaf centers all over the USA that other deaf and deaf-blind people can go to. Keep it up!

    Several concerns I have:
    1. Why isn't there an e-mail address for the Board of Directors on the website? Community members should be able to contact the Board member without having to go through the Director.

    2. Why is the Director using work time for personal vlog?

    3. Why is the Director badmouthing Ridor? I don't care if Ridor may have an issue with the Director but point is: IGNORE it. It is not professional for the Director to backstab or try to refute Ridor or any other vlogger. That just shows immaturity.

    4. And it's sad that certain things have to be approved by the blog author. I haven't said anything bad here. So will see if the Director will post this or not.

  16. There's an email address on the website that doesnt go to the director.

    "Work Time" is mon-fri and when clients are in the office and most of the vlogs are done in weekends or after 4pm and public announcements may be done during work time.

    Educating other's about Ridor is within our mission statement as Ricky Taylor, known as Ridor, when he existed presented a grave threat to the safety, health, and self-reliance of the deaf communities. It was very proper of an advocate to be doing this. We will soon be criticizing other advocates for bing too silent over the Ridor issue. Have you seen anything positive come out of that person? All he does is attack people. But that's history now and since he's incapable of damaging the deaf community now, we' wont be vocal over this issue.

    Approval is required because we have a number of community members that like to use profanity in their comments and do not know how to use diplomatic language.