Friday, March 30, 2012

What Is Really The Greater Los Angeles Agency On Deafness?

The big talk of the news is G.L.A.D. which stands for Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness is suing CNN for lack of access to deaf people.

But what is GLAD really?

The following documents will give you an interesting picture of that agency.

Click Here For The Muttimuse Document

Marcella Meyer and Donald "Nubby" Nuernberger you've served the deaf well, and you've also delivered to me well too!

Marcella Meyer and Donald "Nubby" Nuernberger's fingers have become hands!



  1. im not one to belive anything or anyone until i
    see it for the real deal that it is supposed to be
    and always always getit in writting friendship is
    not a legal contract that binds legal services to
    the general public if it was a legal contract i would use it to my advantage to get what i want
    out of cnn and others about close captioning the
    internet i say we as deaf need to file suit against
    the following yahoo,microsoft,ask,bing,google
    all search engines all computer buisnesses and
    sites like amazon e bay and more like them so things are clearly understandable and well communicatted we as deaf must stand against
    these people or they will continue to walk all over us and discriminate against us we as deaf
    must fight the presidency about this one bill clinton took microsoft to court in the past and had a big effect on microsoft now we need bill
    clinton on our side legally with this kind of thing
    to have substance for cause for means for reason to justify the means of the princiapal of the facts of the representation of case and point
    of this case using the past case against
    microsoft and apple to set a legal presidence
    to challenge law that violates law to support law
    to make law a buisness on the internet all videos
    all sites close captioned if any voice or language
    differences having it interrperted for deaf into
    close captioned english and any and all other
    languages to represent language of the free

  2. i believe close caption should be provided in any
    and all languages such as japanese not just
    frech spanish english i believe the world needs
    it and if americans are truely to be free and have there cultural acceptance as deaf indaviduals i believe they haave legal right to
    cultural and language acess for any and all languages and cultures i belive that amercan
    hearing children as well will grow from this and learn more languages because of there tv
    instead of playing video games all the time im not saying its wrong to play video games its not wrong im only sayng have more opportunities
    i think deaf children will be able to read other
    languages as well it will help with learning to
    understand other cultures as well

  3. we as deaf must stand up and fight for our rights
    when we stood up to gallaudet and got rid of
    a hearing person who was running it the voice
    of the deaf was understood now we as a deaf culture must keep standing up for ourselves as
    indaviduals or we will never be equals and hearing will continue to prey on us and try and wipe us out as andrew jackson nearly did all indians we as deaf must stand up against hearing culture ignorence they say ignorence is
    bliss that word means beautifull believe it or not
    yet ignorence hurts and ignorence can kill yet
    we as a nation make it look like its acceptable
    beautifull to be a ignorent sob with the deaf and
    the people of our world seems must set hearing
    straight about everyting seems they think its ok
    to give cord blood as a prize to win on fit pregency .com this is our deafness this is the cordblood issue of how they think they can make
    us hearing forcing test on 6 month old babies
    and usinng stemcells in cord blood into there brain to make them hearing they feel its there
    right to act like andrew jackson and destroy us
    as a deaf culture they feel it is there place to govern our lifes our freedoms our choices our decions because about 90% of all deaf unfortunatly are born to hearing culture it is said
    so they feel it is there place to conqour and destroy us and our way of life this is not right i
    personally wish there were more deaf parents
    with deaf children then hearing mabey we should start populating more babies in our culture as deaf i believe more numbers will create more political power for us as deaf
    americans i think we should think about what is
    important to us as a deaf culture and what we
    want as indaviduals deaf should marry deaf in
    my opion since 1.we are deaf and we are munderstood better.2 it is said that 80% of all
    deaf and hearing relationships end up in divorce
    save ur money rather then marrying hearing 3.
    deaf babies from deaf with deaf more likely to be
    deaf in my opion and more reason to increase
    the deaf population and create more politcal
    power for us as indaviduals and not let hearing
    have say over our freedoms our choices our
    decisons our rights and entitlements as americans yet they feel they are better then us
    as indaviduals and have more right to life then
    we do so poverty and unemployment of the deaf
    is basicaly assistted suicide of freedom by the
    hand of the american government poverty and
    unemployment is a trick it is coersion and retaliation violating ada title 3 3.11000 it is there
    way of trying to obtain ur deafness using a
    form of duress or they basically wont let u exist
    and have a good life because hearing games are like this in government they try to make times hard enough that they think they will weaken u so much because hearing would get
    better pay better job position then any deaf person seniority or not in my opion its a
    coersed abortion of the deaf identity like
    t boone pickens says money talks bullshit walks that is the name of a book he wrote but
    it is also true that bullshit will walk right all over u and take advantage of u