Tuesday, March 27, 2012

VRS case: The community speaks!

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I personally played a small yet decent role in getting the TRS cases to take place since in the summer of 2010 I got a credible tip that the TRS funding system was being exploited by high profile members in the deaf community.

This has led me to develop a website http://tinyurl.com/stop-trs-fraud that allowed people to submit anonymous tips that I passed on to the authorities. The response was very good and our readers have submitted dozens of tips. Out of the tips received 9 so far have become TRS cases.

I’m proud of what I am doing and I’m proud of the results too.

Richard Roehm

The Answers…

1) I just wished they serve longer prison times. The judges literally have been giving them slaps on their wrists.

2) Hell no! They took advantage of a system that was designed to help the deaf community communicate with the rest of the society.

3) I see both positive and negative changes. The positive side is that the TRS industry is finally facing the fact that their secretive deaf world is not so secret after all. The negative part is that the deaf pillars for whom the deaf community have been looking up to all the years is knocked down by the TRS fraud cases leaving them confused and distrustful of high profile deaf role models.

4) Becoming a pillar in the deaf community while committing TRS crimes is a disgrace. It hurts the deaf community as a whole. Public’s attitude toward deaf community have been harsher since the cases started and they are not really listening to the voices and concerns from deaf people anymore. I made a youtube video 2 weeks ago asking people this question http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhKr1_GlpHM

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  1. should we post the names and faces of those
    indaviduals in the deaf communitty that we trusted and looked up to so that the whole deaf
    communitty is aware of who is on there side and
    who is not are we stupid and gulliable enough
    to forgive and forget sins tend to repeate eventually its a way of politics and a way of life
    who is supportive trusttworthy in our deaf communitty are they paid to s@$& on us lets get down to the reasons of why and more so and getting our dam money back make them pay it back literally in cash not credit not check not money order not debit card no other way
    cash is solid and concrete to forgive forget and
    absolve the debt would be stupid and irresponsible to the deaf communitty it would
    show we wont hold anyone accountable for there actions if they were to slide on by we must
    make them repay in full no accident forgivness
    no discounts no bankrupcy no consolidation
    of monies we must make them pay in full or we
    can never trust our own communitty again if we
    do not enfoce this it would be a easy way out