Thursday, March 29, 2012

California Lawsuit Could Become A Problem for TV News Outlets

A lawsuit filed against CNN from the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness will be moving to trial, and the result could have a serious impact with how TV news outlets present their content online. In a nutshell, GLAD is arguing that CNN is discriminating against deaf people by not offering closed-captioned versions of its videos on

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  1. technically cnn is a llegal guarntor they have to
    comply they are a legal procurator a legal proprieter a legal guardian of the current events
    that effect the lifes of all of us understand these
    terms well and u will win if u present it right as a deaf person i had to leearn law with all the struggels i have going on if i ever want to be a free man legally i have to know my law well enough to fight and win kinda grew up wtih it to life is not given to u because u say give me what
    i want believe me that is not what law works like
    law is about facts respect disaplin it is about presenting a good argument it is about showing
    that u are intelligent enough to respect there rules of life and learn to get along with others u cant bully freedom into anything if this terrorsim
    hassnt taught u that freedom cant be bullied if u
    think it can be intimidated blackmailed u are so
    screwed because 1 the system does not like that
    too policey of america is america will not be intimidated 2.if u try that u end up in the stockade and u wont get out for life 3 if u try to
    take over and u think it may be wise to surrender freedom like obahma has enertained the idea with china then we are a very stupid nation i already think we are china thinks we are
    as well they believe they can manage us better
    then we can i have to be honest i think there are alot of people who think they can do better
    ive had that thought in my lifetime but there is
    alot we dont know going on and people love to
    make problems for the president because his
    party is not there party imagine a beer party with
    out any girls no good food just flat beer and stale chipe thats what poliitics is when they block progress in america and that makes u poor