Saturday, March 31, 2012

Commentary: Deaf school dream turning to nightmare?

Vinny Badolato is vice president of public affairs at the Colorado League of Charter Schools.
There’s a small but significant drama playing out in Lakewood.  It involves a multi-million dollar state grant, a school for deaf children, a model example of district and charter school facility collaboration, and a newly formed neighborhood group.

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  1. i am deaf and related to andrew jackson i am
    a jackson speak the language of the jacksons
    in colorodo and the relatives im shure they can
    get the point across to the problem they can be
    very convincing at times

    2nd idea remind your problem that the right to
    a education is guarnteed underr law to everyone section 504 and pl 94-142 not also
    remind the grant people and the others that they
    are legal guarntors to the funding to the right
    of an education remind them that they are legal
    promisors to the relients the promisee s the
    children it would be domestic violence to neglect
    the children and to minipulate or set conditions
    on the children or how to get your grant would
    be narsasism it would be very controlling it is
    dehuminsation it is unethical practices of government it would be segrigational funding
    it would be discrimination