Friday, March 30, 2012

Deaf news in BSL from Remark: Deaf hostage freed | Money raised for BDA | Deaf health protests

Click on the titles to go to Remark’s website, then click ‘BSL’ to watch the news in beautiful sign language!
Deaf health access protest held outside Dundee hospital.

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  1. the constituton guarntees us the right to peacfull assemlbly it guarntees us the freedom of speech it guarntees us the freedom of exspression it guarntees us the individual rights
    amd entitlements to be created equal for all
    it is a protected under the constutution it entitles u the right to liberty and the pursuit of
    happiness if ur not happy and ur legal pursuits
    are not equal in ur rights and entitlments then the pursuit of your happiness has been violated
    as has any and all other rights be a pain america stand up for yourself but do it in peacfully in a diplomatic way in accordence with
    all this this way you win in a court of law its that easy

  2. have a great day and a great life deaf america
    just dont forget to be in it