Sunday, March 25, 2012

Coming Soon - New Wireless Doorbell System For Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Communities

Here at Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center we will be offering a new wireless doorbell light alert system for the deaf and hard of hearing community members.

As seen in the picture the doorbell button lights up to let you know its sending the signal to the receiver that lights up in different colors to let you know someone is at the door. The signal unit is very portable and is almost as twice as big as the doorbell button.

This is convenient for you to put in your living rooms, office cubicle, atop your videophone. Over 50 meters range so this could be good for gated apartments.

Best of all it's wireless and battery operated and carries a zero to tiny risk of electrical shock unlike using the old hardwired doorbell light system I invented in the early 80's.

Richard Roehm