Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Bionic boy saved from a life of sign language reliance...

THE boy with a bionic ear arrived home to a hero's welcome yesterday. Calum Geary (3) has astonished doctors with his speedy recovery from an operation to implant a special 'microchip' device in his head, aimed at transferring sound messages from his ears to his brain.

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  1. this is going to far i believe its a disgrace what
    hearing are doing to the deaf communitty trying
    to coerse us into being hearing the kid has a right to know his deafness he is born deaf he is
    not a hearing person he should be what he is born he should not be a medical guinee pig for
    hearing politics for the war on deafness that was
    decalired by pressident reagan it disgust me how hearing feel a need to concour our lifes and
    mind our lifes our childrens lifes when they cant even manage government or there own life
    hearing need to keep there politics out of our deafness our culture our way of life and get a life cause this is not freedom of choice this is a
    decison made by someone other then a deaf
    person in my opion this seems like a hearing
    decison not a deaf one with deaf understanding
    this is toatelly blassfomis and sacreligious decision making by hearing america not deaf
    america the child shouold be old enough to
    know his language culture and be coherent enough to make a good coherent judgment that
    is not rules by hearing decison making process
    people have indavidual rights and entitlments in freedom that is what indepence is about even
    a child has certain amounts of independence
    legally until of age it is inappropiate to computerise people to do any function in my opion its easy enough to tamper with chips and computers and i dont support cord blood stem
    cells or stem cells of any kind to make us hearing im not comfortable with it for me i know i would not want this for my children i want my children to be deaf personally nothing is wrong with it i think

  2. this bionic boy is no six million dollar man saving
    people and neither is this medical procedure it
    is wiretapping ur brain and using the thought police undeerstand that meaning read online about it in detail to analize and control thoughts
    with microchip this is cognative harrasment its
    cyber terrorism its illegal exspeerimentation and
    exsploitation of freedom through medical prowesss use deaf law use ada

  3. i think we as deaf people need to educate our deaf children about how minipulative hearing can be to try and mold us into there person tehre idea of a hearing person it shows they dont have acceptence of who we really are in there heart i am the only deaf one in a bad hearing family that refuses to learn asl its not worth there while i am the only person they would be talking to its not worthwhile since i wass little i find many hearing i know trying to get
    inside of me wanting to know why do i not want to be hearing why do i feel its personal why do i
    feel u have to be deaf to understand why why why all they do is put there nose in my buisness
    and they keeo trying to work on me trying to con
    me coerse me string pull me with philosphical discussion religion discussion emotional discussion they even use intimacy to try and get
    it they want to hoard my freedom for there beliefs and values with out repspecting my feeelings and values all that matters is there
    goal and objective its been like they are busy bodies nosie neighbors they get in my computer
    trying to figure me out make all kinds of judgments on me psych me hearing make me feel like i cant exist they smother my air they make me feel like they cant accept deafness
    i dont bite so educate ur children of reality of
    hearing alot do this