Monday, August 10, 2009

Message From Bill Zenovich

Sent: Monday, August 10, 2009 9:48:52 AM
Subject: FBI and bad name for ICSD

I am from Canada. I am an old man. I go to the WGD since 1961 many times ( before it was IGD ).
Please read 3 different news from websites below
I am not very happy that FBI of USA investigates and arrests deaf people and the name of ICSD is published .
Now, ICSD is now becoming a bad and dirty name!
Many people are very confused with name of ICSD.
Why Ammons chose Viable as partner because Viable does business with the ICSD - two different organizations serving the deaf: International Committee of Sports for the Deaf ( ICSD ) and Innovative Communication Services for the Deaf ( also, ICSD )????
Before start to do business with Viable Ammons need carefully investigate Viable and everything.
Again, Ammons is negligent and unprofessional.
What was purpose for Ammons to change name to ICSD?
What did deaf sports in world gain from this? What did we gain from Ammons created name of Deaflympics?
Before we had the CISS and World Games for thedeaf - we should keep it that way.
I am very disappointed at Ammons.
Please elect new leadership next month in Taiwan.
We are fed up with Ammons who confuses everyone!
Bill Zenovich.

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