Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tayler Mayer, Not Seesmic, Is The Problem At DVTV

Tayler Mayer, Not Seesmic, Is The Problem At DVTV

Tayler Mayer

Dang it, Tayler's been a big dreamer limiting his own DVTV vloggers to one video comment provider and that is Seesmic alone. Tayler limits their free speech at DVTV no kidding!

See Seesmic conk out, their freedom of expression is conked out too! Tayler has been telling everyone they can solve this problem by rebooting their computers. Does that work? NO SILLY! Deaf vloggers at DVTV deserve better than Tayler's incompetence!

So when one sees "someone kicked a cable, Seesmic will be back soon" in their Seesmic box, it really means Tayler is kicking the deaf community's hindsight by limiting their media choice to Seesmic alone instead of adding Riffly, Kaltura, and Viddler choices of which all three which are working good right now.

Come to which is a new and improved deaf vlogger website. There they will access FOUR different video comment providers. If one conks out, the other 3 is there to help them send their messages out.

The real problem is not Seesmic. It's Tayler since he has been limiting DVTV vloggers to one choice of video comment providers.

They can either complain to Tayler in a vlog about "Why limit to one video comment provider, Seesmic, when the other 2 deaf vlog sites have four choices?" or, they can join us at and share their messages until Tayler fixes his narrowmindness when it comes to video comment providers.

Eye Fire Vlogs wants DVTV vloggers to express themselves in the way they prefer.

Come on over and join the fire today!

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