Monday, August 31, 2009

Sorenson Communications Partners with ASL Interpreter Educator Carol J. Patrie

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Sorenson Communications®, the leading provider of Video Relay Service (VRS) for
deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals who use sign language to communicate, today
announced that it is partnering with Carol J. Patrie, Ph.D.
(, a pioneer in the field of American Sign Language (ASL)
interpreter education, to further expand the expertise of its interpreter
management and Professional Development group. Sorenson Communications, the
leading employer of ASL interpreters in the United States, is the only VRS
provider to offer such a program on this scale.

"Sorenson Communications employs and seeks to train the best interpreters in the
country," says Sorenson Vice President of Interpreting Chris Wakeland. "We are
committed to improving the quality of professional interpreting for Sorenson VRS
users and advancing interpreter education for the benefit of the industry as a

The management training program consists of five two-day courses that are based
on Patrie`s The Effective Interpreting Series. These one-credit courses are
accredited through the American Council on Education. The program will enhance
interpreter managers` skills in hiring qualified video interpreters, evaluating
existing video interpreters` skill sets and offering career strategies. It will
also create a platform for VRS Interpreting Center management teams to
accurately assess interpreters` needs, thereby determining training that will
benefit both interpreter and VRS user alike.

"Sorenson is setting a trend. No other VRS provider has taken such a direct
approach to training," says Patrie, who established and directed the Master of
Arts in Interpretation program at Gallaudet, the nation`s premier liberal arts
university for deaf individuals. "Sorenson Communications is raising the
standard by offering training for those who can then train others within the

Through mentorship, skills assessment, workshops and training, Sorenson
Communications managers and professional development staff will be in a position
to offer standardized training throughout the company, based on the training
they receive from Patrie.

According to Patrie, historically, sign language interpreter education programs
were characterized by a lack of standardization, which led to less-than-optimal
student outcomes, leaving many graduates unprepared to enter the workforce. In
more recent years, with the inception of federal equality legislation and
communications technology for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, such as VRS, ASL
interpreting has become a rapidly-growing profession, making advances in ASL
interpreter education imperative.

"I am impressed with Sorenson Communications` ability to determine training
needs and Sorenson`s implementation of programs to meet those needs," says
Patrie. "Sorenson has demonstrated a commitment to providing top-quality
education for their interpreters at all levels."

About Sorenson Communications

Sorenson Communications® ( is a provider of industry-leading
communications services and products. The company`s offerings include Sorenson
Video Relay Service® (SVRS®), the highest-quality video interpreting service;
the Sorenson (VP-100® and VP-200®) videophones; and Sorenson IP Relay®
(SIPRelay), enabling text-to-speech relay communication.

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