Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obedience training for deaf dogs

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Madison and her mommy Wendy have a great time every day.

They go for walks, play games and work on obedience training.

The difference is Madison is deaf and visually impaired, motivating Wendy to be creative with her training.

"My husband and I suspected that Madison was deaf probably the second week she was home when we noticed she was not responding to her name," pet owner, Wendy, said. "We sought the help of a professional who helped us train her using sign.

"We taught her to sit, lay down. We taught her how to heel and walk with us. We then expanded on that and taught her how to turn around and sit up, stand up and turn around, give us paws."

Training any pet takes time, patience and consistency. And in that respect, Madison is much like any other pet.

"If she is paying attention to something else, it's hard to get her attention unless we physically touch her," Wendy said. "To get her attention in the house, we stomp on the floor or flick the lights on and off. We do the same thing when she is outside and we want her to come in.

"She just has a great personality. She is funny, smart, and keeps us entertained. We would never part with her.

If you have a pet at home with physical challenges, or even a pet with a short attention span, just keep at it.

You may want to seek out a professional trainer to help set you on the right path. Consider every training session an opportunity to bond.

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