Monday, August 31, 2009

I’m deaf... and they are dumb

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DOPEY benefits bosses sent a 59-year-old deaf man with lung disease and arthritis to train as a BOUNCER.

Jobcentre staff were so eager to get disabled Joe Seggie off incapacity payments and back to work they paid out £500 of taxpayers' cash to put him through an official door stewards' course.

But Joe has had no luck getting work turfing rowdy revellers out of pubs.

Last night Joe, of Broxburn, West Lothian, said: "When the Jobcentre staff suggested the course I agreed to it and signed up.

"I was a wee bit naive. I'm no Superman.

"The latest interview I had was last week and the guy told me 'no way'.

"The one before that told me I would be an insurance liability."

Joe - who was born deaf but has had 10 per cent of his hearing restored by ops and uses hearing aids - says he is struggling to survive now his £30 a week incapacity benefit has stopped.

The dad-of-five - who is also due to have surgery because of osteoarthritis in his foot - said he was declared fit to work after passing basic physical tests.

Joe - whose last job was as a McDonald's handyman - added: "I worked all my life. I don't want to be a scrounger.

"It's alcoholics and junkies who are getting all the help - maybe I should drink a bottle of vodka a day?"

The Department of Work and Pensions would not comment.

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