Sunday, August 23, 2009

Deaf-and-dumb student ragged

Source Link - Deaf-and-dumb student ragged

Mindless cruelty reached new lows, as a first year Computer Engineering student, Nanda Kishore of the Thriprayar Sri Rama Government Polytechnica in Kerala was ragged by seniors. Twenty three year old Nand Kishore, a deaf-and-dumb student was subjected to ragging and physical abuse in the college hostel premises.

A day after he joined Thriprayar Sri Rama Government Polytechnic, he has been hospitalised in Thrissur with severe injuries. The police have registered a case against the ten students, six of who have been suspended and arrested on the basis of a complaint by Nanda Kishores mother.


  1. That's just wrong. I've had to deal with bullies in elementary school, but this story makes the bullies I had to deal with look like baby kittens. There should be a zero tolerance policy against stuff like this happening.

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