Monday, August 31, 2009

Deaf History and Awareness Month

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September is "Deaf History and Awareness Month", not simply "Deaf Awareness Month", explains Philadelphia native and founder of Creative Access, Carol Finkle.

Finkle makes the analogy with other American minorities. "We don't celebrate African American Awareness Month, we celebrate history as well. So should it be for the Deaf.

September celebrates the history, talent and overall contributions of Deaf Americans—highlighting the pride of a visual, rather than an auditory-based culture and lifestyle for those who share the common linguistic, communication experience through American Sign Language.

Showcased by Creative Access since 1992, deaf entertainers have performed on the stages in Philadelphia from schools to the Kimmel Center although not too frequently.

We can boast area native, Mike Canfield, returned from fifteen years as Australia's deaf theater guru and now living and working with hearing interpreters to choreograph the music and words of musical theater and Robert DeMayo, an exquisite actor of a Thousand Faces.

“Had they been part of the hearing community", insists Finkle, "they would be household names!”

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