Sunday, August 16, 2009

Deaf club refused late licence over noise fears

Deaf club refused late licence over noise fears - Telegraph

The Reading Deaf Social Club had hoped to stage late-night entertainment for its members, including music, and cabarets with stripteases.

However, Reading Borough Council has refused a late licence following concern that nearby residents would be disturbed.

Tony Page, a councillor, said the licensing committee was following long established guidelines.

"Our concerns were simply that we did not want a de facto nightclub operating in the middle of a residential area until 2am in the morning," he said.

"We are glad the application has been cut back to a more civilised time."

One nearby resident complained that weekends were already noisy "due to the amount of people and cars visiting the centre. An alcohol licence would make it worse."

The ruling was a disappointment to Angus Tweedy who argued on behalf of the club, through a deaf signer, in favour of the proposal at the licensing hearing on Tuesday.

The club asked for the right to sell alcohol until 2am on Friday and Saturday but the councillors only allowed sales until 11pm on the two nights.

The club had also hoped to be able to conduct indoor sports, perform plays and play recorded music.

The council also set up a hotline for any complaints from residents.

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