Thursday, March 08, 2012

National Association of the Deaf shrieking at last!

Yes NAD want us to be leaving comments at the FCC's website again. They're using other people to use fear tactics to scare deaf people to scream "Don't Kill VRS", blah blah, blah.

The big hoot coming out of the new proposed FCC rules is the conversion from per-minute to per-user reimbursement system. NAD hates it. I love it!

I support the per-user system as it will enable the VRS providers to get very creative at getting and retaining VRS users. Thats the fun part. This reminds me of an old BBS game. I won't name the game because I want to see it happen to the VRS industry. There will be winners and there will be "others".

The upshot is the NECA funds will be stronger and the VRS industry will remain available as a reliable communications service system for the deaf society.

Richard Roehm


  1. i dont want to lose how my vrs works this is the
    best communication ive had ever this is what
    i dreamed of when i was little trying to watch the
    jetsons with my parents yelling at a housefull
    of neighborhood deaf kids watching cartoons wanting these things and better technology for
    deaf it angers me how hearing jelousy goes out
    of the way to obstruct services and ada clomplience for the deaf lots of hearing people
    get jelous of my vrs even my sidekick4 its functions even the vrs function so makes u think they are going out of there way to raise hell

  2. the fcc is a legal guarntor of services they cant
    cut services it would be a presiding with prejudice it would be obstruction of services it would be obstructing the future of 911 calls a legal witness to a crime could exist if person on phone called 911 if saw anything or said anything imagine the protective services vrs could be triger automaticly if such thing were to happen if it was upgraded imagine that fcc has legal liability to the p ublic they are a legal guardian of communication law and services they are also a legal payee to communications
    laws and or services seems this is hearing prejudice at deaf there are alot of issues like
    hearing prejudice at deaf among many other issues hearing have about deaf