Friday, March 09, 2012

Ian Noon: Why I spent my Sunday telling parents of deaf children all about my love life

It was the question I had been dreading:

“Perhaps our visitors could tell us a bit about their experiences with girlfriends when they were younger?”

I was at a National Deaf Children’s Society Family Weekend to give a short talk about my own personal experiences growing up deaf.

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  1. i can tell u as a deaf person growing up with hearing family i was punished for being deaf and
    i was not allowed to date till i left my family my family would let my hearing brothers date and have what they want they would get treated
    better then me all the time birthdays christmas
    etc and i would be treaated like garbage they would make out while i would miss out on life holidays etc the relationships i have had have all
    been lousy all with hearing girls huge mistake
    they dont undersstand me at all all stick with deaf i learned the hard way hearing will only try and make u hearing that seems to be the reason why they date deaf in the first place from my exsperience