Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Deaf Dad: Flindy Dondy and Tinky Tonky

One of the best bits of being a Dad is being a bit random (or more accurately, silly) with Toddler and Baby as often as I can.

Kids love it when you take a step back from being a serious adult in order to pretend that they can push you over with the mildest shove, that you’re deeply upset because there’s no chocolate left in the fridge (this doesn’t take much acting by the way) or that you can’t help tripping over in the street.

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  1. i am fuiously offended by how they want to get rid of deaf with early intervention i am deaf and i do not want to have hearing children i want deaf choldren it is wrong to go against nature and not accept it into ur heart i find america cant accept anyone culture at all into there heart they want them all mandatory to speak english
    they do not love true freedom they do not love what a independent freedom of choice and decison making is about what cultural freedom is about cultural choice cultural unity cultural structure cultural independence for culteral decisons it is not free to be me free to be you in this world if we are suppredd and oppressed the sacred heart of the ignorent who has no life
    exsperience as a deaf person who has no cultural understanding of being deaf who has non of others then there own they close the window of the life of freedom to sufficate freedom to denie the deaf communitty there deaf identity to force them to be like hearing is
    not freedom it is a dictatorship it is coersion
    its abuse and misuse of intelligence on deaf society and upon the life of freedom this is what makes proof in the pudding that there cant be a god if there is no freedom america is a jerk using its religious dominence of christianity to
    not achieve peace in our world instead its focousing on the idiot idiology of screwing up freedom for all mabey this world of religious
    politicing has taken a wrong turn havinng any religion since there is no compassion left to freedodm of choice and freedom to have a culturral identity in america seems to me if i were to choose a religion for america if i had to
    for political reasons i might look at my friends
    she is japaneese she works with deaf she talk
    about shinto religion she says it takes the very
    best of all the religions and puts it all into one
    religion seems that is the kind of religion the world might need but to take deaf freedom from
    the world is deranged it is sick it is no longer freedom when this sick group demands our
    cultural language disabled identity there is nothing left when someone is demanding to end
    your way of life so this is my response STICK IT