Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Purple(TM) Introduces Nation's First IP-Relay App for iPhone(TM) and iPod Touch(TM)

Purple(TM) Introduces Nation's First IP-Relay App for iPhone(TM) and iPod Touch(TM)

Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Consumers Gain A New Communication Option On The iPhone

ROCKLIN, Calif., Feb. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Purple Communications™, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PRPL), a leading provider of text and video relay and on-site interpreting services, today announced IP-Relay for iPhone™ and iPod Touch™, the country's first relay application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The new IP-Relay app (www.purple.us/iphone) lets users make direct IP-Relay calls right from their phones, or dial anyone in their iPhone address book with just a few taps.

Enabling a direct connection between a deaf iPhone user and a hearing person, IP-Relay for iPhone and iPod Touch is the first app in Apple's App Store designed specifically to meet the communication needs of the deaf community.

"Purple introduced IP-Relay to the nation more than 15 years ago in response to customers who wanted a service that freed them from the need for a TTY," said Ronald E. Obray, Purple's vice chairman. "Expanding this freedom continues to be a passion of ours. It feels great to offer our customers another way to connect, particularly on the iPhone which more and more in the Deaf Community are choosing for mobile text communication."

IP-Relay Your Way on the Phone You Love

Available for free in the App Store, IP-Relay for iPhone and iPod Touch features an elegant design that makes relay calls simple. Users can dial directly from the App's dial pad, or choose a contact from their iPhone's address book and dial that person directly. The new app also features:

* Trusted Relay. All calls are handled by Purple IP-Relay, the nation's first and most popular text relay service.

* Easy to Read Call Window. Once begun, an IP-Relay call opens a window on the user's iPhone, with the user's side of the conversation highlighted, while the operator's side is black text on a white background.

* Custom Calling. Users can customize their calls, changing font size or background highlights to meet individual preferences. Callers can even choose to automatically send "GA" and "SK" after typing or at the end of calls, respectively, or omit these instructions entirely.

* One-Tap Redial™. IP-Relay for iPhone's exclusive One-Tap Redial feature makes redialing a snap. Users just tap the "Recent" button to display the calls they've made recently, and redial anyone in the list with one tap.

Pricing, Availability, and System Requirements

IP-Relay for iPhone and iPod Touch is free to use and available as a free download in Apple's App Store by tapping the App Store icon on an iPhone or Internet-connected iPod Touch.

Alternately, users can download the app from the computer on which they run iTunes by visiting the iTunes Store, navigating to the Apps section of the store, and choosing and downloading "IP-Relay". The application will be added to their iPhone or iPod Touch the next time the user syncs their device.

IP-Relay for iPhone and iPod Touch is compatible with any Apple iPhone or iPod Touch running iPhone OS 2.2.1 or greater. To use IP-Relay, the FCC requires users to have a registered, local 10-digit number. Registration and assignment of the 10-digit number are free. Visit www.purple.us/localnumber for more information.

About IP-Relay

IP-Relay enables a deaf or hard of hearing person to use a Web-connected computer or wireless device to call a hearing person. To start a call, the deaf user types a phone number -- or chooses an address book contact -- and clicks "Dial." IP-Relay connects the call and passes the voice number to a relay operator. The operator calls the voice number. As the deaf person types, her words are spoken aloud by the operator for the hearing person. As the hearing person speaks, the operator types the conversation to be viewed by the deaf person. The deaf person views the entire conversation in text, while the hearing person hears the entire conversation, including the deaf person's typed words spoken audibly by the operator.

About Purple

Purple Communications is a leading provider of onsite interpreting services, video relay and text relay services, and video remote interpreting, offering a wide array of options designed to meet the varied communication needs of its customers. The Company's vision is to enable free-flowing communication between people, inclusive of differences in abilities, languages, or locations. For more information on the Company or its services, visit www.purple.us or contact Purple Communications directly by voice at (415) 408-2300, by Internet relay by visiting www.i711.com or www.ip-relay.com, or by video phone by connecting to hovrs.tv.

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