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The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center Newsletter - February 13, 2010

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center Newsletter - February 13, 2010


Who Cosponsors HR 1646, 3024, and 3101?

H.R. 1646 is the Hearing Aid Tax Credit. H.R. 3024 is the Medicare Hearing
Health Care Enhancement Act.

H.R. 3101 would ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to
emerging Internet Protocol-based communication and video programming
technologies in the 21st Century. The VRS/FCC saga has eroded a lot of support
from H.R. 3101.

See it at

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Lots of products for the deaf, and blind, and other disabilities. Remember your
parents, grand parents, brothers, sisters, family members, co-workers who need
adaptive equipment. Employers can shop here for equipment and accessories for
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The Hearing Times website and newspaper is a forum for deaf and hard of hearing
people, their relatives and friends, audiologists and professionals in the
hearing industry and equipment manufacturers and dispensers. The Hearing Times
website has been launched in conjunction with Hearing Times, a new national
newspaper which was launched in September 2008.

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Social Security Adds 38 New Compassionate Allowance Conditions

Expansion Will Speed Benefits to Thousands of Americans with Disabilities

Michael J. Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security, today announced that the
agency is adding 38 more conditions to its list of Compassionate Allowances.
This is the first expansion since the original list of 50 conditions - 25 rare
diseases and 25 cancers - was announced in October 2008. The new conditions
range from adult brain disorders to rare diseases that primarily affect
children. The complete list of the new Compassionate Allowance conditions is

"The addition of these new conditions expands the scope of Compassionate
Allowances to a broader subgroup of conditions like early-onset Alzheimer's
disease," Commissioner Astrue said. "The expansion we are announcing today
means tens of thousands of Americans with devastating disabilities will now get
approved for benefits in a matter of days rather than months and years."

Compassionate Allowances are a way of quickly identifying diseases and other
medical conditions that clearly qualify for Social Security and Supplemental
Security Income disability benefits. It allows the agency to electronically
target and make speedy decisions for the most obviously disabled individuals.
In developing the expanded list of conditions, Social Security held public
hearings and worked closely with the National Institutes of Health, the
Alzheimer's Association, the National Organization for Rare Disorders, and other

"The diagnosis of Alzheimer's indicates significant cognitive impairment that
interferes with daily living activities, including the ability to work," said
Harry Johns, President and CEO of the Alzheimer's Association. "Now,
individuals who are dealing with the enormous challenges of Alzheimer's won't
also have to endure the financial and emotional toll of a long disability
decision process."

"This truly innovative program will provide invaluable assistance and support to
patients and families coping with severely disabling rare diseases," said Peter
L. Saltonstall, President and CEO of the National Organization for Rare
Disorders (NORD). "On behalf of those patients and families, I want to thank
Commissioner Astrue and his enthusiastic team for creating and now expanding a
program that will have a direct impact on the quality of life of thousands of

"The initiative not only assists those whose applications are quickly processed,
but also assists those whose applications need more time and attention from SSA
adjudicators," said Marty Ford, Co-Chair, Social Security Task Force, Consortium
for Citizens with Disabilities. "We are pleased to see today's expansion and
look forward to working with Commissioner Astrue on further expansion of this
decision-making tool and other ways to expedite determinations and decisions for
disability claims."

"We will continue to hold hearings and look for other diseases and conditions
that can be added to our list of Compassionate Allowances," Commissioner Astrue
said. "There can be no higher priority than getting disability benefits quickly
to those Americans with these severe and life-threatening conditions."

Social Security will begin electronically identifying these 38 new conditions
March 1.

For more information about the agency's Compassionate Allowances initiative, go

New Compassionate Allowance Conditions

1. Alstrom Syndrome
2. Amegakaryocytic Thrombocytopenia
3. Ataxia Spinocerebellar
4. Ataxia Telangiectasia
5. Batten Disease
6. Bilateral Retinoblastoma
7. Cri du Chat Syndrome
8. Degos Disease
9. Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease
10. Edwards Syndrome
11. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
12. Fukuyama Congenital Muscular Dystrophy
13. Glutaric Acidemia Type II
14. Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), Familial Type
15. Hurler Syndrome, Type IH
16. Hunter Syndrome, Type II
17. Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
18. Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa, Lethal Type
19. Late Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses
20. Leigh's Disease
21. Maple Syrup Urine Disease
22. Merosin Deficient Congenital Muscular Dystrophy
23. Mixed Dementia
24. Mucosal Malignant Melanoma
25. Neonatal Adrenoleukodystrophy
26. Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses, Infantile Type
27. Niemann-Pick Type C
28. Patau Syndrome
29. Primary Progressive Aphasia
30. Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy
31. Sanfilippo Syndrome
32. Subacute Sclerosis Panencephalitis
33. Tay Sachs Disease
34. Thanatophoric Dysplasia, Type 1
35. Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy
36. Walker Warburg Syndrome
37. Wolman Disease
38. Zellweger Syndrome

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The giant CSUN conference is only a month away!

The Center on Disabilities is now on Facebook and Twitter. Become a fan of the
Center on Disabilities on Facebook and follow CSUNCOD on Twitter for news from
the Center on Disabilities about the CSUN Conference.You can also "RSVP" on the
CSUN Conference event page on Facebook, so everyone can know you are coming.
Finally, don't forget to use #csun10 when you tweet about the CSUN Conference.

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Take a look and bookmark our new search page!
Http:// . It's a good source of information you
can use.



Protein Needed to Develop Auditory Neurons Identified

Loss of spiral ganglion neurons or hair cells in the inner ear is the leading
cause of congenital and acquired hearing impairment. Researchers at the
University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine and the National
Institutes of Health found that Sox2, a protein that regulates stem cell
formation, is involved in spiral ganglion neuron development.

Read more at :

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The Orange County American Sign Language Meetup Group - - and the Orange County Deaf & Hearing
Impaired Meetup Group meets each 3rd Fridays of the

We are currently pondering a new locations for all of our meetup events because
our competition appears to have hijacked the excitement, prestige, and normalcy
of our cherished monthly gatherings.



Responding to

Of course all the Republicans support the Wisconsin SB-389 bill. They want to
cut down the number of available interpreters in State of Wisconsin so
businesses there will have genuine reasons not to hire interpreters. According
to the ADA itself and backed up by several courts, documented interpreter
shortages are valid reasons under the ADA's 'undue burdens' clause not to
provide interpreters.

Richard Roehm

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Tinnitus affects people with or without hearing loss.

Tinnitus is the ringing sensation that occurs in the ears. Severe tinnitus can
be painful and disable a person. Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center has two
people serving in a patient advocacy council. Orange County Deaf Advocacy
Center wants to help people retain their productivity by helping them manage

We are introducing a nutraceutical cocktail of Ginkgo Biloba, Zinc, and Garlic
to manage tinnitus (ringing) in the ears. New studies show that a combination
of these three working together helps manage tinnitus. We have the research
that suggest the cocktail helps manage tinnitus.

This cocktail doesn't create the flush reaction you get from using high dosage
of Niacin taken to manage tinnitus.

Tinnitus management kit contains Ginkgo Biloba, Zinc, Garlic, pill minders box,
carrying case, and 2 sets of ear plugs.

Kit is assembled by people with disabilities.

If you care about your ears, please shop through our paypal link below now

Tinnitus 2 month management kit $79.99 - Free Shipping On All Orders!

Refills each month $29.99 (Link will be mailed to you with your order)

The funds generated from this offering will be returned to the community in the
form of assisted housing, education, advocacy, free equipment, outreach, and
conference activities.

***These Statements have not been evaluated by the US FDA. This product is not
intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. There is no guarantee this
will help you manage tinnitus. This may work on some people and this may not
work on some people too.



Lack of communications from the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) is
getting a lot of deaf video bloggers to bash the deaf organization. Sometimes
you'd have to stick a hammer in the boquet of roses for NAD.

See this video blog

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Please donate to Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center. We have a lot of work to
do on behalf of people with hearing and speech impairments and we have a
donation form ready for your use.

Donation form :\

Thank you very much for the time youve taken to read this newsletter and
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Deaf Pit Bull Mix in TN Seeks Help!

We at East TN Pit Bull Rescue need help for Bella. Months ago there was this
sweet little deaf white puppy at the Loudon County shelter. There was a great
cry for someone to save her. Well at the last minute when she was still there,
Linda went and pulled her out. Bella was so sweet and VERY smart! But we knew
pretty quickly that 1) she was going to be a big girl, 2) she needed someone
that understood deaf dogs and could train her and 3) we were not that someone!
We checked with a deaf dog rescue or two but really just thought that since she
was so sweet and smart…someone was just waiting to take her in! Well here we are
6 months later. Bella is still with Linda and has developed a few doggie issues.
Although she can be over exuberant and a little rough to hold onto – Bella loves
people. The same can not be said for other dogs. She is bossy and can be jealous
and aggressive. She has food aggression issues with the other dogs as well as
toy issues. Bella's foster home has way to many adult bully breeds and only one
small woman to care for all of them and she has some health issues that require
that she cut things back. Bella has to have a place to go that can help her thru
her issues and they have to be knowledgeable in training deaf dogs. Bella is
vetted, micro chipped, crate trained and trustworthy in the house. She has
learned several hand commands. She is NOT safe with the cats! I know I have
placed a lot of emphasis on the negative behaviors but I want THE RIGHT
commitment for Bella and that can only happen if we tell all of the truth. We
think Bella is a Pit/Dane or Doggo mix of some kind. I have added pictures and
you can decide for yourself. At 10 months old, she is pushing 60 pounds. If the
right group/individual steps up for Bella – they will be getting a fully vetted
dog and we will get her to them. If you can help Bella, please contact me.

Thank you!

Wendy Jackson

[email protected]


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social services maze. Every day people go without proper food, shelter, and
essential medical care every day due to a variety of factors including low
wages, job loss, injuries, illness, age, domestic violence, or divorce. While
all of us are susceptible to hard times, disabled individuals are at the most
risk. With the generous support of people like you, we are able to help many of
these families and individuals not only to meet essential daily needs, but to
work toward a brighter future with programs in job training, education,
counseling, elderly assistance, and temporary housing.

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