Friday, February 26, 2010

OCDAC Green Heroes Grant Competition Entry - We Are A Green Non-Profit!

See our entry to the $15,000 Green Heroes Grant competition. Facebook membership is required to vote for us.

Through our TOP-RATE program we accomplish a few things. First, we get a lot of re-useable electronics away from the landfills. Secondly, we make access equipment much more accessible to those who are otherwise reluctant to use to make their busiensses accessible to the deaf. Thirdly, we make the equipment accessible to those who need to use them to participate in all aspects of our society. Finally we teach people to reduce waste to landfills and re-use access equipment.

Our program is very worthy of your vote and the vote could help us win from $5,000 to $15,000 for our program.

Right now, our entry is being judged to see if we are worthy to be one of the finalists you'll be voting on. And we will learn of the results soon from the judging phase.

The voting begins on March 18 and you'll vote on the program every day until April 17.

Please join us at facebook and sign onto our cause

Please see our video of the TOP-RATE program

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