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Michele Alexander’s Inspiring Story Published on

Michele Alexander’s Inspiring Story Published on

ActionCOACH Business Coach Michele Alexander’s story of how she continued coaching business clients, even after suddenly losing her hearing, was published on

Las Vegas, NV, February 12, 2010 --( If anyone knows about a business challenge that seems insurmountable, it’s Michele Alexander. On a Tuesday morning two years ago, she woke up completely deaf. recently published Alexander’s inspiring story on February 3rd: two years ago on a Monday evening, Alexander was sitting at her computer when she thought she heard a home alarm going off. Her husband told her he couldn’t hear anything, and Alexander thought nothing of it when she went to bed.

She woke up the next morning completely deaf. “I woke up the next morning and could hear nothing,” she said. “Well, actually I had tinnitus, so I heard heaps – the ringing in my ears seemed so loud against the deafness. It was something like the noise we hear being submerged in water.” reports that Alexander had actually been deaf out in her left ear for 12 years prior to this incident. She wasn’t bothered because she had perfect hearing in her other ear. But with no hearing at all now, and a job as an ActionCOACH Business Coach, Alexander was in complete shock. Worse, she had a very busy Tuesday coaching clients that day.

“It was a complete blur,” she said. “How I coached five clients, I do not remember, but I did! I think what helped was every session was face-to-face in a small office environment with no surrounding noise, and that I could already lip read really well.”

Despite going completely deaf, Alexander couldn’t let down all her clients, so she kept coaching. She had plenty of challenges, however – she couldn’t use the telephone, the receptionist had to take detailed messages, and email became her “lifeline” in terms of communicating with her clients.

Even though she was able to coach her clients, she wasn’t able to actively try to get new clients – but she did gain a few new ones, anyway. “I was not able to sell. I wasn’t able to follow the 13-step process,” Alexander said. “But we had a fabulous BDM at the firm and I gained a few new clients during this difficult time that I still have today, over two years later. That certainly tells me that I cannot blame my hearing for ever losing a client.”

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