Friday, February 29, 2008

For Those Who Attended Our Oral Deaf / Deaf / ASL Meetup Meets At The Old Site, Claim Your Settlement!

We have been contacted through a Minnesota consulting firm that there is a settlement agreement between the class attorneys and the old site of one of our three monthly meetup events.

The settlement applies to people with hearing, visual, and mobility disabilities who faced access related inconveniences at one or more of the particular company's California sites.

While I can remember many faces that came to our meetups at the old site, we will still need proof you were in fact at our old meetup site before we can give you a copy of the claim form.

The deadline to file claim is in April 15, 2008 (postmarked).

This is the settlement where the community members, not the big organizations, win big.

Richard Roehm

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