Monday, March 03, 2008

Negative Impacts Of Organized Religion On The Deaf Community

As we have seen in this past weekend, several video blogs on proves that debates involving religion brings out the worst in the deaf community. It's highly divisive and the fireworks involved can get out of hand like one lady making a threat to another. The reason I got excited over this is that there is visible proof of the point I'm trying to make in this blog entry.

The same story can be seen in many deaf forums and blogs. And this is not entirely limited to the deaf community. The hearing have their debates involving religion and they too get out of hand.

We can see that religion has a negative impact on the community, a negative impact on the unity of the community.

The difference is that the hearing folks can easily kiss, make up, and move on whilst the deaf community cant.

We have two communities; the deaf community that's extremely fragile these days and the hearing community that isn't fragile at all.

So how do we go about bringing peace and unity within the extremely fragile deaf community?

One of the best answers lies in secularism which means the state of being without religion. Let's secularize the deaf community because religion itself doesn't unite, instead it divides and we've seen plenty of it in this past weekend.

Given all these facts and video testimonials, it's very safe to suggest that secularizing the extremely fragile deaf community will go a very long way toward uniting and preserving it.

Richard Roehm


  1. Heya Richard

    Good suggestion.. so basically what you're proposing is a "ban" (for lack of a better word) on religious dogma/discussion in DeafRead/Video ?

    Easily accomplished in DeafRead.. but DeafVideo would require more work on the Taylerinfomedia's part because right now DeafVideo is just an auto-feed from Youtube..

    And wondering how this is different from the whole idea before on censoring deficit thinkers? People were very agansit that, yourself included.

    I do think Deaf Read would greatly benefit from a more cagetorized/grouped presentation so that viewers have an easier time finding b/vlogs they'd like to view.. much like reading a newspaper :)


  2. Roger,

    Thanks for your input. This isnt about banning this type of discussion, this is about pointing a real finger at what religious debates leads us to. I'm not suggesting a ban. I'm just letting people know of the implications of injecting religion into our discussions and maybe people can change the way they carry on with these types of debates in a manner that doesn't lead to the results we've seen so far.

    This is a tough task and so far other forum managers have grappled with this and have been unable to deal with it without banning the use of religion in our discussions.

    I'm just hoping that we can cut down the use of the religious dogmas in our discussions so that there wont be any intervention from the forum management.


  3. "hearing folks can easily kiss and make up"?!

    well, when it comes to religion, the hearing are much worse than the deaf--there are wars fought in the name of religion! and when all is said and done, what' left of a deaf squabble are nasty whisperings and dirty looks.

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