Monday, March 31, 2008

The Cultrally Deaf Community Needs To Stop Picking On Deaf People Living Outside Deaf Culture

The stereotyping of deaf people in the recent episode of Cold Case is a reflection of what the culturally deaf community has been seen doing to people and organizations who made themselves free from the grips of deaf culture.

If the culturally deaf so wish to be embraced by society, they have to start embracing themselves and not pick fights over how they should live and communicate.

In other words;

They need to grow up!



  1. That's been my stance since day one. I HAVE found deaf people who I get along with fine, and no axes to grind, I always maintained there is a rabid 'hard-core' of deaf activism who distort the cultural messages to make trouble and to gain credence with others. It is they who drag culture down, they exploit the insecurity deaf feel and attach that to putting it all down to paranoia, everyone is against deaf people, they aren't they are against THEM. It is hard to counter that because as soon as you attempt to isolate them and their view, they bleat discimination, they are the worst possible deaf people. They are deeply entrenched in the cultural area, so difficult to weed out, they are too amongst the most able, so it's a power game to them as well. You can only hope moderate deaf will see them for what they are, and get rid.

  2. You expect me to agree with you? I didn't watch either of the videos because I'm not interested in any of your comments. Your title is not very you! You need to stop picking on deaf people!! You're the one who is bullying on deaf people.

  3. The truth hurts. Bad deeds on your part begets bad perceptions from others.

  4. you are only one man pissed about the rest of the community.

    the fact is; you should be pissed at the few of the community who are just as extreme as you.

    Please don't lump me and many others into the same category.

  5. Personally I am not in total agreement with this blog, because I KNOW it is only a hard core who make all the trouble, they make deaf culture a target by hiding behind them. The worrying thing is many are leading 'deafies' in most part and respected, so you can't isolate them and challenge their view openely, they are cowards and liars who drag decent deaf people down and use culture as a shield. Perhaps orange deafie has the same problem many of us have, not knowing who is genuine and who isn't. It's up to the moderate deaf cultural community to get rid of their extremists, or face being tarred with the same brush. Perhaps if they weren't so apathetic....

  6. I am a deaf girl who can talk and hear.
    Let me explain, haha
    I was born deaf and Mom made the hard choice (at that time) to let me have the operation for the cochlear implant. At that time, I was the youngest girl in the state to get a cochlear implant. (I was only four, which was really young since the cochlear implant was newish.)
    Many, many people from this Deaf Culture have harrassed Mom and accused her of child abuse. Only years later, when I turned sixteen years old...did they finally get to hear what I had to say about this so-called abuse.
    There was NO abuse. I told them directly in a speech that I am extremely glad to hear and talk. I told them that I would rather order at McDonald's myself without having to use a translator. (basically saying that I want to speak for MYSELF.)

    Mom says that I changed alot of minds that day.
    I hope I did.
    I am tired of the constant judging. If you want to be treated nicely, then you treat others nicely.