Sunday, February 03, 2008

Instead Of California Deaf Agencies Crying Over Budget Cuts......

The above video is not captioned, however, the one below is captioned!

Here I'm at GLAD ( Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness ) the west part of the GLAD building. The building behind me is vacant. I only wish deaf agencies will stop crying about budget cuts. They should create new revenue sources than crying for money. Behind me, for example, is vacant can be used as a group home for deaf people with other disabilities. The state I know pays a lot of money for it. Why not GLAD create ideas on how to make up for the government cuts instead of crying about budget cuts.

( Added Commentary )

I have a group home and I'm in the process of buying a triplex and another apartment to expand the group home. The hospital OCDAC partners with keeps calling us they have more deaf people that need placement in group homes. The financial incentives are huge for these types of projects.

GLAD can use that building to take in deaf people with other disabilities and it'll not only create additional revenue, it'll create jobs and job experience for deaf people. Also costs of operating can be brought further down through the use of volunteers and recycled building materials that can be obtained for free. Furthermore, the residents themselves can be trained to produce things that could be sold to raise additional revenue. I believe I'm not going to be the first person to be telling everyone that more than half of the GLAD building itself is very under-utilized by it's current leadership.

Another source of new revenue is our foodstand trailer and we're working with the fairgrounds to place it at events almost every weekend. You can see that at and at as our positive examples.

The point in this blog post is you see we're not even crying over budget cuts even though were going to be affected, INSTEAD, were using our time, resources, and energies in developing new revenue sources.

I just wish that the larger deaf agencies would rise up from their semi-vegetable state of mind and innovate new revenue sources instead of crying over budget cuts.


P.S. Someone really needs to tell Scott Hostetler, a past GLAD president, to fix his coughing problem!


  1. I could be mistaken; Wasn't your agency trying to cut a slice into the ODA Deaf Access Program's budgetary pie?

    Secondly, the cuts truly hurt the Deaf agencies across California. Hopefully the leadership at these agencies will somehow make up for the cuts with innovative revenue streams, or collect enough political clout to curb the severity of the cuts.

  2. Availed myself the multiple opportunities to partner with ODA funding structure however I wasnt deaf enough to be able to qualify OCDAC for a piece of the pie up there.