Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dont Blame AGBell For Missing The PepsiCo Ad

As evidenced in the photo above, the deafies were already pointing their cannons at AGBell for what they thought was responsible for PepsiCo pulling the ad. Click on the image to view larger picture.

The ad was never pulled. It was actually shown before the game.


So don't blame AGBell for missing the PepsiCo ad.

Blame it on the high illiteracy rates within the deaf community.

ASL is not even a written language to begin with. The ASL folks missed the clue as to when to find the ad in the announcements, even from NAD. NAD said pregame many deafies missed it.


Maybe now's really the time to address the high illiteracy rate in the deaf communities.



  1. I doubt it is because they couldn't read it, I lean more toward the belief that they got their information second or even third hand, and just tuned in too late.

    While there may be a high illiteracy rate in some pockets of the deaf culture, I find it just a little offensive that you choose to tar and feather all deaf people with the illiteracy tag, or at least the IMPLIED tag of illiteracy. I would think that, based on personal experience, the "overall" literacy or illiteracy rate of the deaf population mirrors the overall population, both hearing and deaf.

    I'm well-educated, a college graduate and holder of two degrees, deaf, and very much proud of my ability to communicate both in written form and verbally (I grew up HOH, late-deafened), as well as signing. I read the press release regarding the Bob's House ad, and I almost missed where it said it was lated to air during the FOX pre-game show. Blame that more on skim reading than illiteracy.

  2. I ask you question. please tell me honest. Did you see Pepsi co Ad on TV pre-game?

  3. I am Deaf and yes I saw it at 4:15 (eastern time) and it looked so cool. It was on pre-game show, not during superbowl.

  4. I just ask you. please be honest. Do you see Pepsi Co Ad tv on pre-game?

  5. sigh.. you're whining again.. said

    "NAD Salutes PepsiCo for its Super Bowl Ad in ASL"

    now.. cool superbowl

    WHO sits their ass 1 hour before game to watch all videos.. etc I will admit YES it said pre-game

    never when, etc - nad clearly said

    "NAD Salutes PepsiCo for its Super Bowl Ad in ASL"

    people read that ok Super Bowl AD.


    no PRE-game.

    unless you read the whole letter. its not based on Illiteracy

    heck, theres more hearing people in this land that reads WORSE than deaf people.

    I do think you need to stop whining, and do some more advocacy, deafness collation, etc instead of coming on your blog to say

    you idiots
    you whine
    you cant read
    you cant ASL
    you not smart
    you dumb


    you never said these, but all your posts clearly show that you want to say these words directly..

  6. In some way to blame AGBAD, my opinion is that Pepsi went ahead to show Bob's house in two hours before game start. Pepsi want to show loves for the ASL people or else AGBAD will whined so loud. Kind of a way to put MUTE on them! ;)

  7. Yes, I just saw the commerical in the pregame. not during superbowl games. It was cool. thank Pepsi.

  8. Richard, can we agree to disagree here? I don't agree with your contention that the Deaf community is illiterate.

    What about the rest of the hearing community probably did not know about the Pepsi ad that was scheduled to appear, before or during the game?

    I want to speak in honesty, Richard. I write on notepaper and pen with many hearing people I was shocked to find out that most hearing people cannot read well enough or understand the questions, and many are bad spellers. When I used CRS (California Relay Service), the relay agents spelled so badly, it infuriated me. I was a much better writer and speller than most hearing people that I have encountered.

    Have you seen Sean Berdy's videos, and seen how well he spells words? Even long words? He spells very accurately! And he's just a Deaf kid.

    Anybody can overlook or have some poor oversight over the information on when the Pepsi Ad would play on national TV. That doesn't mean the Deaf community is illiterate.

    All Deaf watch TV with closed captioning. Why should they if they were illiterate!??

  9. I was too busy at a party to be paying attention to the TV and the game. I missed it, so what. I ain't whining.

  10. Richard, do learn to breathe.

  11. Richard,

    Is there a way you can bring up your questions and concerns about the reading levels of Deaf people, issues in Deaf education, and illiteracy without attacking, assuming, blaming or degrading the Deaf Community? If you are really interested in working together to bring about change, speak from a place of discussion and debate, rather than accusation and attack. Let's find a way to work together to raise our discussion to a new level of valuing one another and what we all have to offer. In this way, you will find more people are open to what you have to share.

    ~ LaRonda

  12. Richard Nesmuth!
    It's really you!
    Why r u care about?
    I've made contact TV Company this morning through VP. They telling me, Apoglized which not take FOX's commercial because Here's CANADIAN!
    Will you mind please chill pill!

    Are you trying to defend AGBAD? Aren't you..
    You're trying bring your attention here and change your screen name..
    Nice try!

  13. Richard,
    Congratulation on your becoming a new member of the AGBell!

  14. Laronda,

    Your comment really a thinking comment.

    However we tried to address the illiteracy issue with our Reading Is Power program in 2003. We even worked with famed literacy celebrity Ruben Martinez to bring reading proficiency to the ASL centered deaf community. Did it work? NO. The deaf minority simply took it as an attack on ASL.

    Now from the responses and some new vlogs, I'm seeing they're trying to steer away from the literacy issue because their choice of communication language, ASL, is already incompatible with literacy.

  15. To: Richard (Dr. Josef Mengele) Roehm

    Hey Stop Childish and Stop Cry!!!!
    I should be to give you a MILK. AGBell is Dr. Josef Mengele.

    I am Deaf and ASL I am Deaf and ASL.
    I am Deaf and ASL I am Deaf and ASL.
    I am very proud Deaf and grad in School Deaf Campus. honest, I am working in auto body and $87,000 salary. I have family and two kids and big house two story. I am very proud Deaf and ASL. what the hell wrong with you? I never been in college. I bet that many Deaf have big salary than you. I know that you are scam in The Orange Deafie. and you use all Deaf for $$$$$$. I bet that you keep touch with AGBell and maybe AGBell paid you $$$$ for sure but you won't tell us right huh
    Wow! You are good job.
    Thank you

  16. you sir, are an idiot

    ASL is not compatible with literacy ?!

    I think you need to look into yourself more, and realize its YOU that is not compatible with the deaf community, asl, and its culture.

    you're so out of here.

  17. First, I saw the advertisement. Next, I want to address the issue of "literacy". In some ways, it is very true that ASL is not compatible with the "normally" accepted definition of literacy as it pertains to ENGLISH. You must keep in mind that ASL is an accepted foreign language in it's own right, and as such, has it's own rules for grammer and so forth. It's a case of comparing apples to oranges. Is a person who has been raised and is thoroughly immersed in the ASL culture illiterate? If you measure it by English standards, they may appear to be. But, when you take into consideration their background, whether or not they have been throughly trained and educated from the "norm" perspective, then maybe not so much so. This is NOT an attack on ASL or anyone's intelligence, literacy, etc. I'm simply trying to point out the fallacy of Richard's thinking.

    Kudos to you for taking the time and effort to try and promote "literacy" in terms of the English language, Richard. It is admirable and is, in many cases, much needed in order to communicate with the hearing world in a manner in which they can understand. however, I think you are missing the boat somewhat on this particular blog. One last thing....Please, if you are going to slam literacy, make sure your punctuation and grammar are proper. Several mistakes in the couple of postings you have made, and I haven't even looked in your archive yet.

  18. Too bad you have been using ASL. If you do not like ASL, please do not use ASL to convey your message in your vlog. Soon you will be out of your business before you know.